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1 trip MMI Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 10/23/2021
Ran this with Tracy, Ed, Ed's niece Rachel & Oliver, April, Ellie, Elizabeth, Lottes, and Tom. fun run, description didn't match - took notes. fun day even with climber's exit. next time check out arch from above!
1 trip Lost and Found Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 10/22/2021
did with Tracy, Ed, Rachel, Oliver, Lottes, Lizzy, Tom, April and Ellie. great canyon, would do again! no issue with access. most raps had bolts.
1 trip Winter Camp Wash - Lost Spring
Date: 10/21/2021
did on our own: me, lizzy, lottes, april and ellie. picked up rope on return, set up our own anchor off a tree. interesting multi stage rap, def bad pull.
1 trip Bow and Arrow Canyon - Potash Road
Date: 04/28/2021
Bela and I only. 3 hrs car to car. rapped the DC/R0 - sketchy! otherwise nice open canyon!
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 04/26/2021
H2, SW, TC, ER, EA, AH, EH had to do some backtracking but really that made it that much more fun! the Lair was super cool and we did a dual rope setup for the rap with our 150' ish ropes.
1 trip Blue John Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 04/25/2021
H2, SW, TC, ER, EA, AH, EH. We did Little Blue John and up the Main Fork. I would NOT reco this ever again for myself. Even bela said it was sketchy and stupid to do the upclimbs and i fully agree. Crazy hard. Instead do Little Blue John then explore up the main fork as far a ability allows, then return via the short Little Blue exit. OR consider going down blue john and out the LBJ exit.
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/18/2020
Ed, Tom, Lizzy, Alicia, and myself. AM run before heading home. Hike was pretty well worn in this time. We did the optional first rap instead of scramble. Beautiful again. Crazy hair at bottom of last rap.
1 trip Constrychnine Canyon - Poison Spring
Date: 10/17/2020
Tracy, Ed, Tom, Lizzy, Alicia, April and Ellie. DRY. awesome canyon, loved the LONG rappels and amazing tall corridors!
1 trip Slideanide Canyon - Poison Spring
Date: 10/16/2020
Tracy, Ed, Tom, Lizzy, April and Ellie. DRY. awesome canyon!
1 trip Morocco Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/15/2020
Tracy, Ed, Tom, Lizzy and myself. exposure was a little creepy but a great warm up for a long weekend. loved the arch. Had hoped to tack on hogwarts but opted to go make sure we got camping instead.
1 trip3 trip Lucky Charms - North Wash
Date: 09/06/2020
Labor Day Trip - HOT again but did in AM this time. Di, Hannah and me. walked around dryfall this time. Everything else went well. Added a rappel for Di at the top of the Descent. retied the anchor and added a rap ring for us.
1 trip3 trip Lucky Charms - North Wash
Date: 09/04/2020
Labor day trip- HOT. Afternoon . Di, Hannah, Lizzy and me. Overall good. Did ascend up the impassable dryfall (forgot to read the description again!) but made it with some handlines. Downclimbs on descent were ok with some able to walk around.
1 trip U-Turn Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 10/20/2019
Lizzy and myself. Lizzy navigated with gaia with my confirmation and we took turns but i took lead to set up rappels.
1 trip Tidwell Canyon - High Spur
Date: 10/18/2019
Road very rough, but subi made it with a few precarious sections. Tracy, Ed, Lizzy, Tom, Tom's daughter, April and Ellie. Ed fell on first slot rap, hurt wrist and back. Called for heli/rescue. ended up self rescuing and turned away heli.
3 trip Escalante Petrified Forest State Park
Date: 04/28/2019
hiked most of the trail with Di
3 trip Peekaboo-Spooky-Brimstone - Escalante
Date: 04/27/2019
did with Di - went up peekaboo and down spooky. hiking to brimstone was rough in all sand with possible weather moving in so we gave up just before the slot.
4 trip Black Dragon Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 04/26/2019
did a quick stop with Di
3 trip Zebra and Tunnel Slot - Escalante
Date: 04/26/2019
did with Di. got to top pothole of zebra. tunnel had water but we were able to stem just about all of it. i only got my tippy toes wet.
1 trip No Mans Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 10/27/2018
Canyon was great, but we rushed through it. Horrible exit due to heat and crappy map reading by rest of the group. i got left behind and helped them route find once they got cliffed out. Only 2 of us had maps and we took long way out.
3 trip Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 09/02/2018
hiked with Di - didn't do the loop just up and back
4 trip Black Dragon Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 05/06/2018
Gals Canyoneering to White Roost Weekend
1 trip White Roost Canyon - White Roost
Date: 05/05/2018
Judy, Elizabeth, Cammie, Jane, Sandy, Vyonne, Deborah, Alycia, and myself
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 04/08/2017
Tracy, Judy, Joanne, Liz and Heidi. beautiful canyon and super fun.
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 04/07/2017
Tracy, Judy, Liz and I. Route finding seemed random but Tracy led the way having done it before. Weather seemed soso but held off with no rain at all. Liz had a hard time w/ her height at the semi-keeper pot hole. Fun rappels, cool arches.
1 trip Medieval Chamber - Moab
Date: 09/23/2009
Andy, Neely and Bela- awesome!!!
1 trip U-Turn Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 09/22/2009
Andy, Neely, and bela. good easy one!