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Did this with Ron Bauer, Tammie Berrie and Tom Neff. Only 1 real rappel that starts with an optional rappel or downclimb. The anchor was stuck in the crack below and I had to rappel from the top anchor to retrieve it for the others. The bottom part is just some downclimbs and one where a handline is nice, but is more grippy than it appears. We continued down to Lower Eardley for a total of 17.2 miles from point to point. Upper Eardley is very beautiful and easy going ,but about halfway down the going gets slow with willows, boulders, mud and just more difficult and steep terrain.

We started from our campsite on top of Hyde Draw Bluff. Very little water in the canyon, the entry potholes were completely dry. First rappel is nice and easy. Potshot the keeper, nailed it on my second toss. Set up a deadman's anchor on the final rappel. Time: 2.5 hours. Team: Jonnah, Dylan, and Kyle


Short, fun little canyon. Explored down Eardley a bit, as well as up, before the exit. Potholes full; a few short swims and wades.


Drive down the road a bit, it's easy enough to drop into the canyon lower down. We were able to avoid water with a bit of tricky maneuvering. No wetsuit needed. Exit was tricky, be sure and follow a GPS waypoint.


Short but sweet!