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Three Fingers and Uneva Canyons - Eastern Reef

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did the hike from Uneva over to Three Fingers canyon (with Andrew, Bret, and Carlos), nice hike but in retrospect you can just drive to Three Fingers canyon…

with Dick and Eileen

Such a beautiful day - just went up to a ways past the Uneva Mine, then back out and over to Three Fingers - the petroglyph panels were quite amazing with many many glyphs. A wonderful short hike in and out. Yay!

Great day. This one did not disappoint. Spent the night in Green River Super 8. We got away later than planned and were boots down 11:08 AM. Me, Tammy, Bennett and Pepper. Highlights were; 1. Perennial pools, 2. Views down the Swell Reef, 3. Petroglyph panel, 4. Exiting Univa, 5. Mid Winter Tailgate. Distance 9.66 miles. Time 6:12. EG 1,808'. Cal 2060. Debated loop vs backtrack at lunch stop just west of petroglyphs. It really was a 51/49 call. We went for it an are glad we did. I'd love to go back and do the out'n back and enjoy the light on the swell from behind.




Visited this canyon w/ the family on the 2nd day of the federal shutdown. The canyon was used for the Star Trek film J.J. Abrams reboot as a stand-in for the Vulcan's (Spock's) home planet.