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3 trip Islomania Dome - Escalante
Date: 11/21/2021
Tammy, Kathleen, Biff, Jami, Mark and Cathy. Met Matt and Mary.
3 trip Weavers Caves - Escalante
Date: 11/20/2021
With Tammy, Kathleen, Biff, Jami, Mark and Cathy
4 trip Devils Garden - Escalante
Date: 12/19/2020
3 trip Three Fingers and Uneva Canyons - Eastern Reef
Date: 11/15/2020
Great day. This one did not disappoint. Spent the night in Green River Super 8. We got away later than planned and were boots down 11:08 AM. Me, Tammy, Bennett and Pepper. Highlights were; 1. Perennial pools, 2. Views down the Swell Reef, 3. Petroglyph panel, 4. Exiting Univa, 5. Mid Winter Tailgate. Distance 9.66 miles. Time 6:12. EG 1,808'. Cal 2060. Debated loop vs backtrack at lunch stop just west of petroglyphs. It really was a 51/49 call. We went for it an are glad we did. I'd love to go back and do the out'n back and enjoy the light on the swell from behind.