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3 trip Upper Butler Wash & Target Ruin - Cedar Mesa
Date: 11/27/2021
Tourist ruins - did these after the main hike. A mile round trip - we laughed - how many people think they are going to these and they actually start walking up the west fork since the sign for Butler Wash Ruins is right at the pullout for the west fork.
3 trip Upper Butler Wash & Target Ruin - Cedar Mesa
Date: 11/27/2021
Really nice hike into the west fork of Butler Wash. We hiked to a small granary not far in and then over the ridge and around to a great view of Target. On up further is Ballroom Cave - super interesting caves - deep on the sides of the main ruins - subterranean. Ruins further up - go see them.
3 trip The Citadel - Cedar Mesa
Date: 11/26/2021
Great hike out to the Citadel - beautiful!
3 trip Cold Springs Cave / Eagles Nest Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 11/24/2021
With Dave, Dave and Tracy. Awesome hike to Cold Springs - it did have 2 kivas, a protected spring, good walls and lots of artwork. Very interesting potential sun spirals on more horizontal rocks near many metates. A very interesting site! Then hike back a little and up the ridge to see Eagles Nest - wow! On the way, we just looked at the ladder panel from above with binoculars. We did not try and do a loop - it looked doable, but we wanted to get over to Double Alcove. Beautiful views from the top of the Comb. Great hike!
3 trip Double Alcove Ruin - Comb Ridge
Date: 11/24/2021
Really fun hike up into the wash with a super nice ruin that protects a spring. Good intact walls. There are the 2 lower alcoves which one seemed like a granary. Directly after the small pour over, start angling up the slick rock on the right side. If you keep going, you will come to a very large pour off and you have to backtrack to go up the slick rock ledge. The pour over is kind of cool with some alcoves with nothing in them.
4 trip Tower Ruin and Big Feet Panel - Cedar Mesa
Date: 11/23/2021
A nice hike - short- to a really nice complex - Cave Tower Ruins - tower at head of canyon type ruin. Filled in Kiva. Big feet panel was interesting onPosey’s Trail.
4 trip Over Under Ruins - Cedar Mesa
Date: 11/22/2021
At the end of a long excursion with Dave and Tracy - last ruin of the day after they found the place they had been looking for. We came around to this ruin and up to the car parked a bit above this.
4 trip Lone Warrior Pictograph - Central Swell
Date: 05/11/2021
Keep walking to second fenced in area from parking.
3 trip Petroglyph and Double Arch (Spirit Arch) Canyons - Eastern Reef
Date: 05/03/2021
Sweet sweet panel and small canyons - lovely!
3 trip4 trip Cottonwood Wash - Northern Swell
Date: 05/02/2021
Beautiful canyon
4 trip Arch Canyon Ruin - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/12/2021
Went with Dave and Tracy - interesting this close to road
3 trip Moonhouse Ruin (McCloyd Canyon) - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/12/2021
Moon House was incredible- glad Charlotte was there to help with a rope. The hike and ruins were spectacular- get a permit to go here. Lovely hike.
3 trip Split Level and Ridge Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/11/2021
Great juju here - lots of spirals and such
3 trip Fish Mouth Cave Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/11/2021
Fishmouth was huge and you could tell the building material had either been taken for somewhere else, or there was an earthquake that destroyed a lot of it - or — Split Level Ruin should be done in conjunction with this and it has some great juju.
3 trip Monarch Cave Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/10/2021
Helped some people put out a fire they had started by lighting toilet paper for god’s sake!
3 trip Monarch Cave Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/10/2021
Loved this hike - didn’t go all the way in due to the exposure but a great hike. Also - check out the drainage just to the south. See my notes from that trip.
4 trip Muley Point - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/09/2021
April 2021 - a visit out to Miley for Happy Hour - Gary, Susan, Dave, Dave and Tracy.
3 trip South Fork of Mule Canyon - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/09/2021
Absolutely fantastic - House on Fire Ruin was spectacular- have to wait for the light! Keep going up the canyon past HOF for more ruins. Nice hike!
3 trip Wolfman Panel - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/08/2021
Wonderful panel - did this in conjunction with Procession Panel. There are some ruins upstream of Wolfman.
3 trip Procession Panel - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/08/2021
Great panel and hiking to top of Comb Ridge.