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1 trip Pool Arch Canyon - Moab
Date: 10/01/2022
There were 3 gullies. The last gully is the one references in the road trip Ryan notes with the hike to the dome afterward. Several deep pools and 1 swimmer after a rain. Rappels 1(pool arch) and 3(beautiful views)were amazing. 2nd not so much. 3rd rappel is all of 200 ft. Fairly easy hike out on a 4x4 road. Lisa did a fantastic pencil jump into a pool. Last rappel was a rope stretcher. Dillon had to use a branch to hook the end. He also adequately inspired Steve and Danielle to go for the big rappel. Shocking, I know. Amateur Ashley got her shirt stuck. We took delightful reverse prom pics at the top of the dome. Great day. Rave reviews given to the guides. We go glen coco.


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