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Canyoneering Repeater Jr Canyon - Lost Spring Canyoneering Repeater Jr Canyon
Lost Spring

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TICKS & TODOS: 4 Todo Lists / 1 Ticks
LENGTH: 1-2 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 1 to 60 m ( 197 ft. )
WATER: Generally none.
FLASHFLOOD: Moderate / Low
Thu Hi:77 Lo:49 Fri Hi:80 Lo:54 Sat Hi:78 Lo:52 Sun Hi:80 Lo:53 Mon Hi:76 Lo:52
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Repeater Jr. is a great addition to a weekend in the Lost Spring area. This short canyon is a nice way to round out a day after doing MMI Canyon, Lost and Found Canyon, and/or Winter Camp Canyon. The short canyon has one 60 m ( 197 ft. ) rappel at the start, then an easy and obstacle-free stroll to the exit. A fun 1-2 hour jaunt, suitable for most.

Note: The canyon is short and easy, but I would not recommend it as a place to teach someone to rappel. The rappel is a bit awkward in spots if you stay in the canyon bottom. Stemming above the canyon floor on rappel is much easier than following the canyon bottom.

Also note, the exit trail passes right by the first rappel. I would strongly recommend fixing the rope for the rappel and retrieving it on the exit instead of trying to pull it from below.

Getting There

Expect a 70 minute drive from Moab to the Lost Springs area. To reach the Lost Spring area, you will need to travel east on I-70 (approximately 30 miles north of Moab). Go east on I-70 from Crescent Junction 11 miles to exit 193. The exit is signed Yellow Cat / Ranch Exit.

  • Reset your odometer at the cattle guard, and head south on the good dirt road. It heads in a remarkably straight line toward the La Sal mountains. ( 12S 620052mE 4311148mN / N38° 56' 28" W109° 36' 53" )
  • 6.1 miles - Y - Stay Left ( 12S 625994mE 4301957mN / N38° 51' 27" W109° 32' 52" )
  • 7.7 miles - Another Y, stay left again ( 12S 627058mE 4301036mN / N38° 50' 56" W109° 32' 09" )
  • 8.2 miles - An old wooden two story mining ruin on the left. ( 12S 627707mE 4300932mN / N38° 50' 53" W109° 31' 42" )
  • 9.2 miles Another Y. This time, go right. ( 12S 629237mE 4301230mN / N38° 51' 01" W109° 30' 38" )
  • 11.9 miles Y If camping at Lost Spring, or using the long route described below, Go right here, following this road 2 miles to a small dirt road going off on the left. There is good camping here, and Lost Spring is about 0.5 miles down the rough 4x4 road. ( 12S 630504mE 4298340mN / N38° 49' 27" W109° 29' 48" )
  • 12.3 - Junction. Stay right on the main road. ( 12S 631080mE 4298073mN / N38° 49' 18" W109° 29' 24" )
  • 12.9 miles Fence and cattle guard. Stay on the main road, ignoring side roads through this section. ( 12S 631806mE 4297628mN / N38° 49' 03" W109° 28' 54" )
  • 14.9 miles You will see another well traveled road making a sharp left turn. Stay right here. ( 12S 634653mE 4296701mN / N38° 48' 32" W109° 26' 57" )
  • 16.3 miles After crossing a drainage and climbing a hill, you will reach a Y. Stay left here on the main road. (Right goes to Lost and Found, MMI, and Winter Camp Canyons) ( 12S 635883mE 4295480mN / N38° 47' 51" W109° 26' 07" )
  • 16.6 miles - Closed jeep road on left. This is the trailhead. Squeeze off the road where possible. ( 12S 636340mE 4295432mN / N38° 47' 50" W109° 25' 48" )


Approach (10-15 minutes)
Follow the closed Jeep road. In about 5 minutes the road ends at Repeater Jr., which is just a shallow drainage here. Follow the social trail down about 5 more minutes to the first rappel.

The rappel offers an opportunity to figure out a good natural anchor. Several somewhat poor bushes provide options. Seemingly better, a fourth class scrambling move up and to the left reveals a hidden solution pocket that has created a mini arch.

From the mini arch it is 60 m ( 197 ft. ) to the bottom of the drop. The bottom section of the rappel can be downclimbed if desired. I found it easier than rappelling.

Once down, it is an easy stroll down the canyon. When the canyon begins opening keep an eye on the right for a well-traveled exit trail that goes up a side wash on an obvious path through the cryptobiotic soil.

Exit (20-30 minutes)
The exit trail is well defined as it meanders up the ridge to a small slickrock section. Above the slickrock section, the trail braids and is less well defined. Stay a bit right along the rim of Repeater Jr. until it is easy to scramble back to the canyon floor. The first rappel is just a couple of minutes down the canyon.

Return up Repeater Jr. to the jeep road.


Printable Maps:

12S 636338mE 4295434mN

N38° 47' 50" W109° 25' 48"

End of Road

12S 636762mE 4295484mN

N38° 47' 51" W109° 25' 30"


12S 636797mE 4295769mN

N38° 48' 00" W109° 25' 29"


12S 637018mE 4296211mN

N38° 48' 14" W109° 25' 19"


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