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with Mollie, 5 hours from Angel Point TH

Did this with the Dussac's, Louise's second canyon and her first doing independent rappels! The approach was a little meandering, and the exit was even longer. Canyon itself was straightforward and fun. Anchors were all in good shape.

Fallen Angel with Marybeth Jones We had a fantastic Friday descending Fallen Angel Canyon outside Hanksville, Utah! The morning was cold, but the weather was pleasant once the sun was up. The canyon scenery was beautiful, and we enjoyed several long rappels; the most significant was about 120 feet in two stages. The canyon appeared to have flashed recently, and we rebuilt one anchor and built two new anchors. The canyon finishes near the Dirty Devil, and we saw a cool petroglyph panel as we hiked out along the river. Here’s a brief update to the available Fallen Angel Canyon beta: The approach hike was only about 30 minutes, and the payoff was immediate, with fun rappels and downclimbing. There was water and mud throughout the canyon from the recent rainfall, but it was easily avoided. Rappel 1 - Cairn anchor with red webbing, little sun faded, but in good condition (75 feet). Rappel 2 - New anchor built around a large boulder makes the rappel about 20 feet longer than the beta (50 feet). Rappel 3 - Cairn anchor on the upper right side with blue webbing and a new quick link. Two-stage rappel was 120+ feet. Rappel 4 - Cairn anchor with blue and black webbing on canyon left was filthy from a recent flash flood. Rebuilt the anchor and added a new quick link to replace the existing link, which was extremely rusted. Two-stage rappel, the first stage was about 50 feet onto a wide ledge, then another 50 feet, followed by a downclimb/slide. You could rappel the downclimb/slide with a sufficiently long rope. Rappel 5 - There was no existing anchor. Built a new anchor on the canyon right with black webbing and a new quick link around a large boulder. Two-stage rappel, 35 feet, and 40 feet. Rappel 6 - Again, no existing anchor. We used a 40-foot rope someone left in the canyon, wrapped it around two sandstone columns on the canyon right, and built an anchor with a new quick link. The final rappel in Fallen Angel was excellent and about 80 feet.

Great trip! The canyon is entertaining but the real value comes from the hikes in and out. Gorgeous views the entire way!

Did this with Rebecca. Canyon took a while to find. Canyon was short, but cool. Lots of webbing was used on the last few anchors. The hike out was a nightmare. We walked the Dirty Devil and dealt with the mud. We got out just as it got dark. May be fun with a pack-raft.

More rappy than slotty. Awesome pictographs and petroglyphs though. No base jumpers spotted.