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1 trip Angel Slot - Angel Point
Date: 04/07/2024
100' + fiddle, edge on first is tricky, 2nd looks similar, but has a good ledge, next "rap" where there was an anchor can easily be downclimbed, 3rd rap maybe downclimbed but would be a bit sketchy butt-slide at the end. It is fiddle friendly, so best to just rap. No shade at all on exit hike. Went with Steve.
1 trip Granary Canyon - Moab
Date: 11/04/2023
Sonata can make it close to the oil thinger. Take a 200' and a 66'. Also take long fiddle and 66 fiddle. On hike out we stayed in between the canyon and RTRyan's gps, not looping out so far and it worked out. Did with Ian, and happened to see Troy. Stuck rope on 90' rap.
1 trip Pool Arch Canyon - Moab
Date: 11/03/2023
Was almost part of a deaf Jesus movie at the cave. Took 200' and fiddle. Canyon was mostly dry and was able to avoid all water. Did solo.
1 trip Medieval Chamber - Moab
Date: 11/03/2023
do yourself a favor and park at the radio tower. It makes finding your way around a lot easier. This can be done with a 120 foot rope and a fiddle stick. Both repels have chain anchors. when doing the loop on your exit, choose the left to climb out of. not the actual climbers exit, but the loop of the other Canyon. I ran the canyon solo. One thing to note, for free, hanging, repels, and fiddlesticks you’re going to twist be sure to keep tension on the repel rope and untwist a Fields Stick line before it becomes a disaster..
1 trip Right Fork of North Creek - Zion West Side
Date: 10/08/2023
Team: Self, Ian, Troy, John Bridge and his son Logan. 8 AM start, made it to Great Alcove around 5:30, moved at a steady pace and leapfrogged all raps. Second day was hot 6 hours. Used 200 and fiddlestick, but didn't use them the rest of the trip. Used 120 + 66 for all else. Did Hammerhead, the direct, but didn't do watercourse at the Alcove on day two. Had 3/2 +3+3 wetsuit and it worked well. Night was around 50, day was 80. Had both 30 + 50 quilt and it worked great. Water levels were higher than usual for this time of year, according to Troy, who has done it 6 times. Fun canyon!
1 trip Right Fork of North Creek - Zion West Side
Date: 10/08/2023
Packed 3 liters, drank about 2 on day 1. Filtered at the Alcove and drank about 1.5 on day 2.
1 trip South Fork of Maidenwater - Trachyte
Date: 06/04/2023
Went with Ian and Rebecca. Used 200' rope, but could use an 100' with fiddle stick. Used 66' working rope throughout the canyon. Lots and lots of downclimbs and about 6 raps. A little bit of water.
1 trip Woody Canyon - Trachyte Area
Date: 06/03/2023
3 people (Ian, Rebecca, and me) 6 hours. Little water. Swam with dead bat and rescued 2 lizards and a stink bug. Used fiddle, 3 pot shots and Ibis hook ... Sandtrap would be useful in many spots. Used 66' and 38', brought 200' but didn't use it. Closed to 80 but didn't use wetsuits and weren't cold. For big pot hole can belayfrom below in arch if it isn't under water.
1 trip The Wives - Capitol Reef
Date: 04/22/2023
On the approach, don't go up the drywall as RTRyans map appears, facing upcanyon go up the left side and it will merge with the canyon to ascend. You need to go down from the path after passing W6, just before W5.
1 trip The Wives - Capitol Reef
Date: 04/22/2023
Did Wife 5 solo. I was very cautious and nervous - I didn't want to go down the wrong canyon and get stuck. I went down several and had to climb out because it wasn't the right one. Don't go down the one with the popcicle gutter ... You might die. I had a 200' and 66', but just used the 200 for everything. I was also nervous that I was going to have to build all the anchors, but luckily some else had been down this year and put in new webbing. A few tough downclimbs. Had to use a handjam and accidental elbow jam to get down to the first rap. Overall, great canyon and now I have experience, I look forward to doing it again.
1 trip Cassidy Arch Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 04/22/2023
3 hours solo. Had a few Moments ... 2nd rap about 50 feet from the ground on free hang found my bag with the rope tangled and was suspended. I had to lock off and untangle it, but my lockoff wasn't official because I was too close to the tangled bag and ran out of rope. Nonetheless I bumbled through it and got the bag to fall all the way to the ground, only to find a figure 8 tied about 10 feet down, so 40 feet off the ground. I had to lock off and pull up 40 feet of rope to move the knot to the ground, then I was able to make it all the way down. Mishap 2, rap 5 is tight and I was trying to go with rope bag attached on my left side and backpack on. I kept getting wedged and was getting frustrated. The last wedge I pushed back hard on all of a sudden I popped loose and I lost the rope and started to free fall backwatds. I luckily snagged the rope with my flailing left had. My ring finger got a bit jammed in the device. It didn't do much damage and was certainly better than the 25 foot free fall it prevented, which would have had me landing on my back onto some small jagged boulders. Other than that, great decent!
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/06/2022
Blarney West Fork. Choose the left, when a choice is placed before you ... Until the Sheleleigh fork. Although the last repel is intimidating from above, fear not. It can be done with a 66 foot rope and no fiddlestick just double the rope. As long as the webbing is down just a little bit. Worst case scenario, you can down climb it. today was wet conditions shin deep in the first puddle that I couldn’t avoid, but avoided the rest. Two hours.
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/05/2022
Had planned on going up the east fork then down the west fork, but it had rained two days before and the canyon was very wet so I did not want to climb with wet shoes. Did the east fork from the top without a repel, found the sneaky way down
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/05/2022
Solo, got the rope stuck on the final repel. Future advice, use a 200 foot rope and put a Biners block right in the middle from the first repel and keep it there until you’re done with a Canyon
1 trip Conundrum Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/05/2022
2.25 hours in November. Solo. Was trying to stay dry, so it slowed me down a lot. After the repel I got wet, so I started to move faster through the water.
1 trip Larry Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/14/2022
8 people , 9 hours. Two 200' ropes to leapfrog. Hot long exit . Cool canyon with tight spots.
1 trip Heaps Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 06/11/2021
Didn't go. 300, 200, 120, 66, 55
1 trip Pine Creek - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 06/10/2021
About 150 feet or so down canyon of the last rappel the canyon starts to widen out and is full of boulder debris to scramble down. Look for a way to scramble up out of the wash on the left (south) side. There are multiple ways to get up to the use trail and the first part of the use trail is a bit difficult to find. This makes it difficult to give a perfect description of how to locate it. In general look for foot traffic areas and keep going up the left (south) side of the canyon toward the base of the cliff. You will soon find a well defined use trail to follow. Follow the use trail along the left side of the canyon. A few spots will be difficult to see and stay on but for the most part this route is very easy travel and much nicer than the wash below. About 0.3 miles from the last rappel, the trail will cross over a drainage (wPineCreekRP-3). When you drop down into the drainage you will need to climb up the other side to continue. The route up is very steep and you may start to wonder if if up the other side is better than going up or down this drainage. Climb up the other side up the steep packed dirt and use a series of twisted tree roots to hold onto for assistance. After climbing up out of the drainage, continue on the trail for about 0.4 miles to the parking spot for the exit option 2 (pkPineCreekBT2). Before getting to the parking spot you will be able to see it from the trail with a large drainage between. The trail will skirt around the large drainage as it works over to the car.
1 trip Boundary Canyon - Zion West Side
Date: 06/08/2021
The Exit: After reaching the confluence where Boundary Canyon meets Kolob Creek (yBoundaryBt), turn right and go south down Kolob Creek. Travel down Kolob Creek from Boundary Canyon is much like hiking the narrows but without the people. The walls are high and narrow and water is flowing so plan on walking in sections of water and possibly having to wade a couple times. About 1.2 miles down stream is the start of the MIA Exit. Before getting to the MIA Exit you will go through a couple sections of very high narrow scenic slots worth admiration. The right (west) wall from Boundary to the MIA Exit is high and sheer. The MIA Exit drainage on the right (west) is the first drainage you see along the sheer west wall. If you are not paying attention it is easy to walk right on by the minor and steep looking MIA Exit drainage. There may be cairns left on large boulders here to help mark the MIA Exit. But do not count on them being there. Keep an eye on the right (west) wall on the way down Kolob Creek and you should easily be able to spot it. Finding this in the dark would be next to impossible unless you had been there before. Starting up the MIA Exit: The MIA drainage joins Kolob Creek from RDC (west) (jMIA-Exit ). The start of the MIA exit leaves Kolob Creek just upstream of a side drainage and goes up a steep dirt path along the RUC (north) side of the side drainage. The path up has a few spots of scrambling up steep dirt ledges. About 150 feet from Kolob Creek is downclimb (wMIA-RP-01) of about 15 feet down from the steep dirt path and down into the side drainage at the top of a large rock ledge. Continue west up the drainage. A short distance up will be an upclimb / scramble up of about 10 feet working from left to right. A short distance farther is an impassable dry fall of about 30 feet. Bypass this tall dry fall on the RUC (north) side up a very steep dirt slope between bushes and the canyon wall. At the top of the dirt slope go back down more steep dirt back down into the drainage above the dry fall you just bypassed. For the standard MIA exit continue west up the drainage. At the top of the 30 foot dry fall (wMIA-RP-02) after bypassing on the RUC (north) side. Continue up canyon between more narrow walls and a few short easy upclimbs / scrambles before reaching the bottom of a larger 50 foot dry fall. Note: At the apex of a steep dirt path bypassing a 30 foot dry fall is the start of an alternate MIA exit (not recommended but there). About 180 feet farther is a dry sandy chute / gully (wMIA-RP-03) on the RUC (north) side about 40 feet before reaching the bottom of a 50 foot Dry fall. If you get to the bottom of the large 50 foot dry fall, just turn around about 40 feet to find the chute. Bypass the 50 foot dryfall by climbing up the sandy chute / gully. Near the top is a large log you will need to climb under. A little over 100 feet farther is the bottom of steep dirt path (wMIA-RP-04) bypassing a 50 foot dry fall. Go up the steep path following it for about 400 feet (horizontal feet) up onto a large saddle. Note: if you get to the bottom of a 50 foot dry fall, turn back about 40 feet to the steep sandy chute. About 300 feet farther the route tops out on a saddle (wMIA-RP-05) with rocky out croppings on each side you have good views west over the next section of the exit. From the saddle you can see the Pipe Springs Canyon (aka MIA Slot) along the wall ahead and to the left (south) about 500 feet away. To the right of Pipe Springs Canyon is the final off trail climb of the exit. There used to be a set of 3 dead trees to help identify the top out but 2 of them have since fallen. From the saddle follow a path west down moderate slopes and continue following well worn paths veering left (south) down into a larger drainage below. Once down in that larger drainage, turn right and follow the large drainage west along the canyon wall a few hundred feet up to the bottom of Pipe Springs Canyon (MIA Slot). View from the saddle. This is a view from the saddle and some labels for what you will be looking for. NOTE:: As of 2020 there is only one large dead tree as the other 2 have fallen over. From the bottom of Pipe Spring Canyon (yPipeSpringBt), turn left and start northwest up the drainage. About 200 feet farther is a fork (wMIA-RP-06) in drainage as you go up the MIA Exit. At this fork look to the left (south) of the left fork to find then follow up a steep use trail up to the west. The trail roughly follows the side of the left fork of the drainage going up steep dirt slopes through vegetation. After about 300 feet the use trails level off slightly and become more easily traveled along the base of the cliff wall. Once on better trail near the base of the cliff wall, continue up about 250 more feet to where the trail crosses over the large drainage you have been roughly following. Note: From this fork up to the dirt roads above is about 650 feet of elevation gain over about 1000 horizontal feet. The first 300 feet is steep and as of 2020 is beginning to erode significantly into sections of steep soft sand. As the use trail crosses (wMIA-RP-07) a shelf in the drainage / ravine to the other side. Looking up from here you will see the sheer rock wall of the canyon then a prominent rock outcropping slightly to the right up near the rim. The view may be obscured by trees so keep an eye out. To the right of the rock out cropping is a tall dead tree. After crossing the ravine continue west up the steep hill in thicker vegetation and much less obvious use trail. There is no one best way up this last 450 feet of steep loose hill side. Be very careful of loose rock and sandy ledges. Note: In years past there used to be 3 tall dead trees you could see up on the rim, which made for a great landmark. As of 2020 two of the trees have fallen and there is now just one tall dead tree making the landmark less noteworthy. View of approx last part of the climb. This is a view of the out cropping and the approximate route up the last part of the climb. Once up on the large well graded dirt road (jMIA-climb/rd) turn left walking south up the well graded dirt road for about 360 feet to find an old no longer used road on the right (west). Note: There are multiple ways through the web of roads back to the West Rim Trailhead. The route described is the most direct route. Once you find the old not well used road (wMIA-RP-08) going up the hill to the right (west), turn right and leave the main dirt road and walk west up the semi steep not well used road. About 200 feet up the old side road is a bend in the road (wMIA-RP-09), follow the bend to the right and continue north up the road. About 425 feet farther is another bend in the road (wMIA-RP-10), follow the bend to the left and travel up the road to the northwest. A little over 500 feet farther is a fork in the road (wMIA-RP-11), stay straight (right) and continue up the road to the northwest. Do not turn left onto the side road going south. About 0.2 miles up the road is a junction (wMIA-RP-12), stay straight (right) and continue up the road to the northwest. Do not turn left onto the side road going south. About 0.2 miles up the road is gate nailed to a tree with Top King welded into it (wMIA-RP-13), continue northwest up the road. Note: This gate also marks the park boundary. To the west toward the West Rim Trailhead is in the park. Another 0.2 miles is a Tee in the road (wMIA-RP-14), turn left at this tee and start down a hill to the west. About 500 farther is fork in the road (wMIA-RP-15), continue straight at this fork passing a road that joins in from the left (south east). Continue on the road a little over 1 mile back to the West Rim Trailhead.
1 trip Lost Angel Canyon - Angel Point
Date: 04/01/2021
Did this with Rebecca. Canyon took a while to find. Canyon was short, but cool. Lots of webbing was used on the last few anchors. The hike out was a nightmare. We walked the Dirty Devil and dealt with the mud. We got out just as it got dark. May be fun with a pack-raft.
1 trip North Fork of Iron Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 05/28/2017
Fun canyon. Keeper had ankle deep water - climbed out without issue- pretty good handholds to work with.
1 trip The Wives - Capitol Reef
Date: 04/23/2016
Did Wife 3. The first rap gives you an amazing view down canyon. Fantastic!
1 trip Pool Arch Canyon - Moab
Date: 05/11/2014
Awesome canyon. I highly recommend it!
1 trip MMI Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 04/10/0022
fiddle stick + 200. climber's exit. fiddle all
1 trip Winter Camp Wash - Lost Spring
Date: 04/09/0022
can fiddle. Do far back tree or smaller far out for straight line pull and rap.
1 trip Lost and Found Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 04/09/0022
200 and fiddle. All fiddle. climber's exit hump
1 trip Keyhole Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 06/11/0021
can be done with a 66 ft row. Worst case scenario 66 ft rope with Phil stick. All have bolts and are Phil's take friendly. it is a dry year, so the water was low, but still had some waist deep pools. 4/3 was more than enough. could probably go through it without a wetsuit, but it would be uncomfortable. but it is such a short canyon
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/02/0021
can be done with a 66 ft rope and Fiddlesticks.... Make sure you have webbing. and your safety anchor isn't shorter than weighting your device ... shesh...
1 trip3 trip Leprechaun Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/01/0021
can be done with just a 66 ft rope without a fiddle stick as long as the anchors are set up like they were today
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/18/0020
both east and west forks. East Fork entrance is deceiving drop down one level and you will find it. both work well with 66-ft rope and fiddlestick. accidentally down climbed third wrap on the west fork. so really could do just one repel in Westfork Canyon
1 trip3 trip Leprechaun Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/17/0020
did the right East Fork. 66-ft rope with 66-ft fiddlestick. worked out perfectly
1 trip No Kidding Canyon - North Wash
Date: 04/04/0015
Ian Rebecca Steve Anthony, Brady