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Tick List

1 trip Fire Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 05/23/2021
Combined with Cassidy Arch Canyon for a fantastic day!
1 trip3 trip Beaver Bay Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 05/22/2021
This canyon is short, but fun. We rapped off a tree that was quite a ways back from the lip and used a fiddlestick, 120' rope and pull cord to avoid damaging the tree and leaving behind webbing. No water in canyon.
1 trip Arch Nemesis Canyon - Capitol Gorge
Date: 05/22/2021
During four days of canyoneering in the park, this is the only canyon where we saw other groups. On the first drop, which some people downclimb, we rapped off a tree using a fiddlestick - it worked great. Anchors and webbing for the other rappels were in good shape. The approach was a bit tricky, working our way up the ledges and then towards the canyon, Ryan's map (on his phone app) was a big help,
1 trip Old School - Capitol Reef
Date: 05/21/2021
Very short, but a fun canyon to do when you have a couple of hours to kill.
1 trip3 trip Sunglow Canyons / Trail - Bicknell
Date: 05/21/2021
Fun, beautiful and dog-friendly. This was a great warm-up to four days of canyoneering in Capitol Reef.