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1 trip South Fork of Bull Canyon (aka Chambers) - White Roost
Date: 05/18/2024
Saturday, May 18 – The approach hike was straightforward and took about 30 minutes. Chambers gets narrow and spicy fast, with high stemming and then a narrow 50-foot elevator down into a chamber. This pattern continues throughout most of the canyon: narrow sections, then open chambers, then narrow again. Chambers is a beautiful slot canyon with dark, narrow passages and stunning chambers. I especially loved the incredible subway section. There were some particularly tight sections that we had to climb up and over, which made the descent more challenging. The canyon was mostly dry, with some easily avoidable water deeper down in a few areas. We descended the technical section in about four hours and the exit hike took about 45 minutes.
1 trip Blue John Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/17/2024
Friday, May 17 – We descended the East Fork of Bluejohn (3A/B) and climbed up the Main Fork of Bluejohn (3A). We hiked from our camp at Granary Springs towards the East Fork of Bluejohn, bypassing the optional 40-foot rappel at the beginning of the canyon DCR. The canyon was dry until we reached the point where the Squeeze Fork meets the East Fork, where we encountered unavoidable water in a few potholes, some of which were knee-deep. There is a 23-foot handline connected to a bolt above one of the potholes. Later we found a baby rattlesnake, which we easily maneuvered around. After leaving the East Fork, we walked through the sandy wash for about two hours to reach the Main Fork of Bluejohn. The weather was hot, with temperatures in the 80s, so we took frequent breaks in the shade. Upon entering the Main Fork, we were relieved by the cooler temperatures and awed by the spectacular, cathedral-like canyon walls. At the beginning of the Main Fork, we encountered another baby rattlesnake. From the bottom of the Main Fork, there are several long and narrow upclimbs that were fun. After exiting the canyon, the hike back to camp took about an hour. Looking back, I think I would have preferred to avoid the East Fork of Bluejohn and just descended the Main Fork instead. The East Fork mostly involved a canyon hike and wasn't particularly beautiful or interesting. In contrast, the Main Fork was quite spectacular and stunning.
1 trip Bloodhound Canyon - Dirty Devil
Date: 04/20/2024
We hiked to Bloodhound Canyon 3A, a straightforward approach down the wash. There were many dry potholes, and it was easy to walk around them. We built a new deadman anchor at rap 1, about 40 feet down a slab. The beta suggested it could be downclimbed, but it would be difficult not to slide and get injured. Further on, we downclimbed into a shallow pool of water about ankle deep. We provided a meat anchor handline for the group and then spotted the last person as they downclimbed. The next obstacle was a large keeper pothole that appeared deep enough to be a swimmer. We hiked up DCR, rigged an anchor off some large boulders, and rappeled about 60 feet down a slab, avoiding the pothole. The final rappel was about 40 feet and required a sandtrap. We rigged the sandtrap about 50 feet from the rappel, and it was an easy pull. One note: this canyon could be rated 3B because it holds water and potentially 3/4B because it requires advanced rigging with a sandtrap.
1 trip Bingo Canyon - Dirty Devil
Date: 04/20/2024
Bingo Canyon 3/4A, passes through beautiful and unique rock formations and begins at the same trailhead as Sawtooth Canyon. There were several fun downclimbs. We bypassed the large keeper pothole by hiking DCL. There were some tight narrows, and we had to rappel about 23 feet in this confined space. We found a choke stone anchor before two large downclimbs. There was about 150+ feet of tan and purple webbing attached to this anchor, and we were surprised to find that it descended the canyon to the final rappel. We used it for the final rappel, although rigging a sandtrap was also possible.
1 trip Benign Canyon - Dirty Devil
Date: 04/19/2024
Benign is a surprisingly fun short canyon with some beautiful rock formations throughout. Some easy to moderately challenging downclimbs, and some required partner assistance. The approach was easy and only 10 minutes down a wash. There are two mandatory rappels – no more than 40 feet for rappel 1 and 20 feet for rappel 2. There were small pools of water that were avoidable. The exit hike was pretty easy and took about an hour.
1 trip Sawtooth Canyon - Dirty Devil
Date: 04/19/2024
It was a straightforward approach down the slick rock, passing by many interesting and unique formations. We were confused momentarily because the GPS track was slightly off course, but we figured it out. Early in the canyon, there’s a section with several large potholes, and they were full of water, with at least one potential swimmer. Thankfully, they were easily avoided by hiking to canyon left. There were also a few challenging obstacles, including a large 20-foot downclimb into a pothole that required a partner assist to get out and a keeper pothole leading into a super narrow slot. We descended into the keeper only to realize how narrow the slot was. To escape, we had to elevator up and stem above the narrow slot. The hike was beautiful as the sunset faded away to deep blues. There were no mandatory rappels, but a handline was helpful.
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/17/2023
Right fork at night with Tom, Tyler and Marco. We had ourselves a fun nighttime adventure without incident or issue. Total time was 1 hour and 17 minutes. The weather was pleasant and warmer than expected.
1 trip Merry Piglet - North Wash
Date: 11/17/2023
We drove to the North Wash and canyoneered Merry Piglet 3A/B – a surprisingly fun small canyon. There were several downclimbs and rappels up to 50 feet. It was a fun start to the North Wash November weekend. 🤩 The anchors were in good condition, and we had no issues descending the canyon. There was a small pool of easily avoidable water. However, it rained a lot this past Sunday, and there’s likely more water in the canyon now. Two or three of the rappels were in tight elevators that could also have been potentially downclimbed. With a group of four, Merry Piglet took one hour and 45 minutes from car to car. If you have extra time after your main outing, this is a fun canyon to explore later in the day.
1 trip Conundrum Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/19/2023
Monday, October 16 – On our way out of town, we decided to check out Conundrum and were pleasantly surprised. The road conditions were great, and we parked at the recommended trailhead and continued down the gravel road. You could quickly shuttle this canyon with multiple vehicles. The canyon starts at Crescent Creek and gradually becomes deeper and more interesting. The fall leaves were changing, and the brilliant yellows against the red rock cliffs looked amazing! The only rappel is over a 50-foot manmade log dam, and it’s rigged on an old industrial truck tire. There was some flow over the dam, and we got splashed by the water. After exiting the canyon, it was a short walk back to the trailhead parking. It took us two hours from car to car.
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/15/2023
Right fork with Chris and Ethan. One hour and 45 minutes total. One pool of avoidable water. Fun canyon with some beautiful narrows. Anchors were all in good condition.
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/15/2023
Sunny day with perfect blue skies and temperatures. Took Ethan, Lisa, Chris, and Dave through Hogwarts. Anchors were all in good condition. We navigated the canyon easily and had a fun afternoon. We encountered a few other groups in the canyon which slowed down our progress. Took us 2 hours and 45 minutes car to car. Probably would have been 30 minutes faster if we hadn’t encountered other groups and had to wait.
1 trip Constrychnine Canyon - Poison Spring
Date: 10/14/2023
The approach hike was about 45 minutes and the canyon was stunning with gorgeous rock features and tall sandstone walls. Some deep and dark sections. Three amazing rappels and fun down climbing. We had a lot of fun in the canyon!
1 trip Slideanide Canyon - Poison Spring
Date: 10/14/2023
Short approach hike – maybe 25 minutes. DCR downclimb to bypass the first rappel. Once you’re in the canyon all rappels are can be down climbed. Lots of fun down climbs and beautiful rock formations. No technical gear required. Obvious exit up the slick rock DCL. Would be easy to lap the canyon or do Constrychnine.
1 trip Yellow Brick Road and Tik-Tok Bridge - Trachyte - Land of Oz
Date: 10/13/2023
45 minute approach hike. Beautiful narrows and pothole sections. Lots of hiking in-between. Two hour exit hike was arduous.
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/21/2023
Fun day in Hogwarts. There were some shallow pools of water. Anchors were in good condition.
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/20/2023
Right fork with Steve and Ethan. Two hours round trip. We had fun afternoon. Anchors were in good condition.
1 trip Monkey Business - West - West Butler
Date: 05/19/2023
It was short approach to Monkey Business from the truck. Maybe 15-20 minutes. Canyon features a lot of down climbing, most of it was easy, but some was a little spicier. The rappels are towards the end of the canyon. First rappel (90 feet) in two stages, rope pull looked problematic, but ultimately was okay. Next rappel (27 feet) was into a pothole with ankle deep water. I climbed out of the pothole and rigged a Tyrollean traverse or zip line for the group and we shuttled the bags across before Steve, Ethan, and Marybeth zipped down. Everyone was thrilled, but especially Ethan. The final rappel (90 stages) in two stages. It took almost two hours to hike out and return to the truck. Lots of scrambling and some low fifth class climbing.
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/06/2022
Left fork. Back-to-back rappels of 27 and 66 feet, respectively. Not as scenic as the right fork. Fun short canyon.
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/05/2022
Fantastic 100-foot rappel. Several sections of beautiful narrows and fun down climbing.
1 trip Lost Angel Canyon - Angel Point
Date: 11/04/2022
Fallen Angel with Marybeth Jones We had a fantastic Friday descending Fallen Angel Canyon outside Hanksville, Utah! The morning was cold, but the weather was pleasant once the sun was up. The canyon scenery was beautiful, and we enjoyed several long rappels; the most significant was about 120 feet in two stages. The canyon appeared to have flashed recently, and we rebuilt one anchor and built two new anchors. The canyon finishes near the Dirty Devil, and we saw a cool petroglyph panel as we hiked out along the river. Here’s a brief update to the available Fallen Angel Canyon beta: The approach hike was only about 30 minutes, and the payoff was immediate, with fun rappels and downclimbing. There was water and mud throughout the canyon from the recent rainfall, but it was easily avoided. Rappel 1 - Cairn anchor with red webbing, little sun faded, but in good condition (75 feet). Rappel 2 - New anchor built around a large boulder makes the rappel about 20 feet longer than the beta (50 feet). Rappel 3 - Cairn anchor on the upper right side with blue webbing and a new quick link. Two-stage rappel was 120+ feet. Rappel 4 - Cairn anchor with blue and black webbing on canyon left was filthy from a recent flash flood. Rebuilt the anchor and added a new quick link to replace the existing link, which was extremely rusted. Two-stage rappel, the first stage was about 50 feet onto a wide ledge, then another 50 feet, followed by a downclimb/slide. You could rappel the downclimb/slide with a sufficiently long rope. Rappel 5 - There was no existing anchor. Built a new anchor on the canyon right with black webbing and a new quick link around a large boulder. Two-stage rappel, 35 feet, and 40 feet. Rappel 6 - Again, no existing anchor. We used a 40-foot rope someone left in the canyon, wrapped it around two sandstone columns on the canyon right, and built an anchor with a new quick link. The final rappel in Fallen Angel was excellent and about 80 feet.
1 trip Death Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/04/2022
Short approach hike. Nothing noteworthy to report regarding this slot canyon. It's probably worth doing once. Last rappel was into a small pool of water and the canyon walls were muddy from recent rainfall.
1 trip3 trip Rocky Mouth Falls - Wasatch Front
Date: 06/03/2022
Sketchy approach. Fun rappelling. Second waterfall rappel is under some good flow.
1 trip Middle Fork of Maidenwater - Trachyte
Date: 05/22/2022
Beautiful canyon with interesting features and fun downclimbs.