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Sawtooth Canyon - Dirty Devil

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More fun than beta suggests. Fun downclimbs and stemming. Ryan eats weird icecream. Parkour spiral staircase is the best move.

I had low expectations for this canyon based on the description, but was pleasantly surprised. It's short, but the hike in was really nice and the slot was a little spicier than expected. Downclimbs were fine, but there is deep pothole that is tricky to get out of alone. All in all, a nice evening slot to finish out the day.

Super fun canyon! Much better than the 3 stars would suggest. No ropes needed, but glad we brought some webbing. Mat, Erik, Evan, and I. This was harder than expected; two difficult down climbs, the second of which I used a handline off of Mat because it got wide down low. The climb between the two was also kinda tough. Really great high stemming after, and one silo section that was a little spooky. We exited the canyon right as the full moon was rising over the rock formations far in the distance. Absolutely beautiful. Threw rocks over the edge as it got dark. Sketchy beautiful moonlit hike across cliffs back to camp.