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Sid and Charley - Northern Swell

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Made it into Sid and charley. Road off Moore’s cutoff was not RIGHT across from another road. Other road was up ahead (coming from Moore). Road was not great for Van … sandy with big ruts. No gate or cow grate at .2 miles per RT Ryan but there was a grate at 2.5. Towers we camped right at the towers. Doug led the tower. Looked harder than described. I was going to jug up and then decided not to. Went for a hike afterwards to find petroglyphs and granary in right side of Canyon. Could not find rock art loop. found Luke in the morning. Directions were wrong. When going down wash, go for about 19 minutes before finding the left fork. Easier to get up out of wash and go on maiTrail going left.

Road was not great for Van but we made it in to towers. Doug lead tower and I decided not to climb it. I was going to jug up the tower and by the time Doug finished I lost all enthusiasm. Doug rapped down and cleaned climb. Rope was stuck and had to jug up. Went to pictograph on right side of canyon near granary wall. It was in good shape. Also snake to right if granary. We tried to find rock art loop and failed. Maybe tomorrow morning.