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1 trip Medieval Chamber - Moab
Date: 02/20/2017
Short slot but worth it. A good warm up for the season and we did it on a day where the crowds weren't a problem. Dogs loved it.
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 09/26/2016
Little confusing finding the rappel station but if you take your time and do a little searching you'll find it.
1 trip South Fork of Bull Canyon (aka Chambers) - White Roost
Date: 09/25/2016
Wow. Spectacular Canyon. Definitely take the authors advice and take this canyon seriously. The approach in and out takes moderate route finding skills but the real work starts in the canyon. Be prepared for a hour or two of chimney climbing/traversing. I shredded my pants... but it was totally worth it! Note: A 20ft piece of cordelette was useful as a hand line during the section just after the chamber/boulder pile.
3 trip Peekaboo-Spooky-Brimstone - Escalante
Date: 08/14/2016
Fun walk through and perfect way to end our weekend down hole in the rock road.
1 trip Baptist Draw - Southern Swell
Date: 07/27/2016
This was our second time through this canyon. We didn't know it when we first did this canyon but it was definitely the catalyst for our continuing effort to explore more of the Slots.
3 trip Crack Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/23/2016
3 stars
1 trip Upper Black Box - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/10/2016
Short Route.
3 trip Lower Black Box - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/09/2016
Out there. Lots of swimming. Lots of fun in the heat of summer.
1 trip Diana's Throne Canyon - Zion East Side
Date: 06/19/2016
Estimated Date.
1 trip Yankee Doodle Canyon - Leeds
Date: 06/18/2016
Estimated Date
1 trip High Spur Canyon - High Spur
Date: 05/08/2016
I'd give this canyon 5 stars.
1 trip Blue John Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/07/2016
Was our first canyon out in the roost. Fun. Didn't realize this is where 127hours happened.
1 trip Baptist Draw - Southern Swell
Date: 04/03/2016
First time in this canyon. wonderful.
3 trip Ding and Dang Canyons - San Rafael Swell
Date: 04/02/2016
Fun. A short piece of rope was useful for us and the two parties that got stuck infront of us.
3 trip Grotto Canyon - Northern Swell
Date: 03/12/2016
Estimated Date.
1 trip Cluster Canyon (aka Entrajo) - Moab
Date: 07/19/2015
estimated date
1 trip Pleiades Canyon - Moab
Date: 07/18/2015
estimated date


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