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Spencer Canyon - Escalante

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Didn't do the dark section. Need to go back for the full send

We found 2 alternative rappel entrances into this canyon; 1 is a deadman that rappels into a small but short narrows (scenic but not worth it). The other is the 'traditional' rap 1 that can be bypassed. There are multiple downclimbing and rappel options in this canyon from the entrance to what is described here as R2. R3/R4 in this description are the only pair you 100% have to rappel. In my opinion, the short version of this canyon would be kind of 'meh' even for beginners. Someone newer in our group said if they'd done the easier route they probably wouldn't have liked the canyon much.

Motherfucker! Minor meltdown at the start of the deep dark slot when I went into it untethered. Worked better the 2nd time around. Lots of water, Canyon is challenging and interesting.

Nice narrow section. Was bone dry when our group went. Maybe more toward the 6hr side of time to complete.

Long rappel into the darkness...reflection of narrow slits of the sky in the deep water