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2.5+/5. Canyon was cool, kinda short, approach wasnt fun. First canyon lead! Did with Rosa

Quite an adventure in the snow! We dug a tunnel through one snow slide blocking our path. Long hike in through deep snow.


I didn't think the beta was useful except for finding the trailhead. The rappels mentioned in this beta imply the handlines that are likely still in place. Rappelling is probably not necessary. Not super fun for canyoneering, but a really interesting quick hike

It has been 2 weeks since my last trip into Box Canyon. I received some info from Rob that makes this canyon more fun to explore. There is a well bolted rappel at the top, or north end, of this canyon that I have never been aware of. We parked at the top as shown on the map. Continue east, staying on the ridge, to this point provided by Rob-39°34'09.23" N...111°40'45.52"W. At this point we headed down toward Box. He provided this other as a point of interest on the way down-39°34'00.71"N...111°40'46.58" W...7396'. As we entered the drainage I thought we may have missed the rap and were in the bottom. Just then i hear from the front, "We found the rap!" I'd say it's about 85'. 39°33'57.8"N...111°40'46.8" W... If you stay on the ridge the bushwhacking is not too bad. Thanks to all those that were with me and to Rob for the info.

I drove my ATV to the top and walked to the upper rim and looked into Box Canyon. There are a lot of Juniper trees but I would not call the hike a bush-whack through oak brush of any kind. Seeing the view from the top is really cool and dropping in from the top would be very fun and exciting. It is steep and the last 1 mile of the road is terrible so HCV or ATV is needed. It rained the night before so the waterfall was a higher flow. I got soaked.



Took some Boy Scouts here for some practice rappelling and a little intro to slot canyons.