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1 trip3 trip Dairy Canyon - Sevier Valley
Date: 02/22/2024
1 trip Bow and Arrow Canyon - Potash Road
Date: 03/27/2023
with Brandon & Nolan
1 trip The Wives - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/30/2022
Did Wife 3 for Halloween trip! With Dana, cat, Madeline, Dane, and ammara. Approach can be tricky - there is a pretty easy ramp walk up the left side of betrothed canyon, right at the first white/pink rock transition. Huge free hanging drop to start, make sure the webbing is super long and you courtesy rig/get a clean pull. Also double check the solution pocket anchor.
1 trip Cassidy Arch Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/29/2022
Dana, Dane, Madeline, cat, ammara! Always love this canyon
1 trip Ghost Rider Canyon - Virgin River Gorge
Date: 11/27/2021
Thanksgiving trip with Dana, Mararara, Bamber, Cat, & Connor. Weird but cool rock! come back and do cherry, plenty of primitive camping nearby
1 trip Moonflower Canyon - Kane Creek
Date: 09/18/2021
Wedding Planning! stairmaster, rap 1, then headed right to the bottom 3 raps of rimshot
1 trip Moonflower Canyon - Kane Creek
Date: 05/24/2021
Stairmaster, full 6 of rimshot! with Dana & Ali
3 trip Moonshine Wash - San Rafael Desert
Date: 05/09/2021
With Ben, Lara, Mike, Amber, Cody, & Lara's Friend Laura! Did full loop, ~5hrs car to car
3 trip Bowknot Bend Viewpoint - San Rafael Desert
Date: 05/08/2021
Nice hike, fairly chill until the awesome view
1 trip Moonflower Canyon - Kane Creek
Date: 11/28/2020
probably 4/5 hours car to car on 2020 Thanksgiving with Dana, Lara, & Mike. Got the rope stuck real bad on mandatory rap 1....probably should extend the anchor more, and fuck dynamic lines. Did the hike out which is a little exposed/hard to find. Bolts from the last rap have been removed but there are tree anchor options LDC that would be just fine
1 trip Bow and Arrow Canyon - Potash Road
Date: 11/28/2020
3 hrs car to car - nice easy canyon with Dana, Lara, & Mike. Last rap has 2 bolts which allow for a free-hanging rap - more fun than off the tree
1 trip Lost and Found Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 11/27/2020
Thanksgiving day! 5 hrs car to car with Dana, Lara, & Mike. Great canyon, that last rap is amazing. Dana got stuck right before the last rap. Did the carsonite post climbers exit - not too bad, Mike solo'd it and sent down a handline.
2 trip4 trip Looking Glass Rock - Moab
Date: 11/27/2020
2020 Thanksgiving trip with Lara & Mike & Dana! Lead pitches 1-2, Dana lead 3. The climbing was pretty easy but a little strung out - top belaying was a bit of a pain to keep up. But it was beautiful! double rope rapped off of the 3 bolt anchor at the center of the arch. Rope got stuck in some serious grooves....had to have the next party throw it down. For sure will need to extend the anchor next time, and potentially use a static rope and/or pad the edge. Don't extend your rappel device if doing the double line rap!
1 trip Great White Icicle - Little Cottonwood Canyon
Date: 09/06/2020
With Dana and Dane! Awesome canyon, small belay stations so no more than 4
1 trip3 trip Lisa Falls - Wasatch Front
Date: 08/05/2020
With Dana, Shae, and Dane. Got lost finding the anchors....hike just left of the falls and you’ll be good!
1 trip Blue John Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/24/2020
Dana bday canyon! Went with Dana, JaM, Dane, Lara, Mike, and Shae. Botch of a sand hike out though
1 trip Not Mindbender Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/23/2020
11 hrs car to car, was a bit rough of an exit. Climb out wasn’t bad but tough for others, anchored on the pillar. With JaM, Lara and Mike, Annah, Shae, Dana and I
1 trip Egypt 1 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 10/20/2019
Quick and easy canyon, super fun! Good for Sunday or evenings
1 trip Egypt 2 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 10/19/2019
Great canyon! Bone dry. Come back and do the long rap
1 trip Hog Canyons - North Wash
Date: 05/26/2019
Hog 2, shortcut exit. awesome!
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/25/2019
up right fork, down left, one of my favorites
1 trip Moonflower Canyon - Kane Creek
Date: 10/21/2018
Sweet rappels, 2nd one is not at all close to picnic area. great short canyon, bitch of a hike
1 trip Lost and Found Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 10/20/2018
Awesome canyon! exited past climbers exit up dirt hill. potential covert arch exit?
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 05/01/2018
Super sick! would do again.
3 trip Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 05/01/2018
Pretty cool easy hike. Hot AF
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/25/2017
Left Fork, awesome!
1 trip U-Turn Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 11/23/2017
Easy, decent canyon
1 trip Stegosaur Slot - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/15/2017
super tight section, easy rappels