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1 trip Constrychnine Canyon - Poison Spring
Date: 11/25/2017
Dry, you could do the canyon with 150' and pull cords, wayfinding was a bit harder
1 trip Box Canyon - Maple Canyon
Date: 05/20/2017
I didn't think the beta was useful except for finding the trailhead. The rappels mentioned in this beta imply the handlines that are likely still in place. Rappelling is probably not necessary. Not super fun for canyoneering, but a really interesting quick hike
1 trip Keyhole Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 08/19/2016
Wetsuit not needed, but it was cold! Beautiful canyon too
1 trip Deadeye Dick Canyon - Zion East Side
Date: 08/18/2016
Got beta from Bluugnome. They had us start and finish from the Narrows trailhead. The beta was difficult to figure out, so the hike out took too long. The canyon was super muddy, and again, beta didn't help us prepare for the rappels. I wouldn't recommend this canyon, but we still certainly had a good time