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San Rafael Swell


Salt Lake City, UT

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1 trip3 trip Lower Eardley Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 09/07/2020
Long hike uphill and hot. Very dry but would require wetsuit if not.
1 trip Mindbender Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 04/14/2019
Completed this canyon on April 14, 2019. Some standing water in the canyon that was avoidable. Where you downclimb to the ledge above a pool and downclimb into the pool, the water was not avoidable and knee deep. Great canyon and temperatures of 70F was perfect for going through the canyon. Anchors were all in good condition.
1 trip Not Mindbender Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 04/13/2019
Tight with a lot of stemming. There are short breaks between the stemming areas. Temperature was around 65F and was good for all the effort put into moving through the canyon. Water was not avoidable at the slide for the members in our group. With a group of 9 people with varying levels of canyoneering experience, it took us 8 hours but there was no rush.
1 trip Yankee Doodle Canyon - Leeds
Date: 08/23/2017
1 trip3 trip Water Canyon - Hildale
Date: 06/23/2017
1 trip Dragonfly Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 05/04/2017
Only had one pothole filled with water during our trip. Great canyon for a quick trip.
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/13/2016
1 trip Fire Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 06/08/0019
1 trip The Wives - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/15/0017
1 trip Old School - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/14/0017