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First of 2 canyons in the area I did with Lauren. Great, jam packed fun canyon, really short entrance and exit, even with an added mile each way because Lauren's car couldn't make it to the trailhead. Started out with a series of fun downclimbs into some cool rooms. Canyon does indeed get narrow, not quite Chambers level but close in a couple spots. Had to stay high in some sections to avoid the narrows. Lauren had a couple moments of fear, but ultimately got through with some coaching. Her first time in a truly narrow canyon! Would be great to do lighter, with a half length rope. 2 rappels at the end were fine, but the second was one of the most awkward starts I've ever done- extremely tight and the chockstone was difficult to inspect. Would have had a hell of a time replacing the webbing, something I need to get more comfortable with. Awesome canyon!

Didn’t bring enough rope to rappel both sections together so used a biner block to rappel single line. Lucky rope pull worked using webbing. Rappel at stage 2 was under water and in bad shape so we didn’t want to rappel on it. Bring 125 feet next time or bring pull cord. (Caroline, Meg, Jenn, Emily, + me)

Easy peasy - lots of stemming, not as narrow as feared with all the warnings here. anchors were in good shape and not too difficult to access. holding water, one puddle unavoidable, knee-deep. No water at the bottom of the final rappel however. beautiful and plenty of bang for the buck on an easy access, easy climb out canyon.

With Jamien. Stemmed a lot of it

Done with Phillip, Jayci, Ella. Tight. Lots of stemming. Piles of daddy long legs and a snake. Challenging and fun.

Only took the 4 of use 1:45 to complete. We mainly stayed high. The top anchor was okay, almost replaced webbing. The bottom anchor was in bad shape and had a small cord off it. We decided to skip.

Very Narrow, this was bitch, very physical for us, and had to use allot of team work to get through.

Fun Canyon with kids

So skinny