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1 trip Upper Three Fingers Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 06/11/2023
w/Marko & Mike. 5.5 car to car, no keepers, lots of standing, semi-nasty water. happy to have 3/2 farmer jane on 75 degree day.
5 trip Green River Daily - Green River
Date: 06/10/2023
CFS 23,600! class 3 feelin'. went down in uncharted packraft.
1 trip Gruver Slot - San Rafael Desert
Date: 10/30/2022
Easy peasy - lots of stemming, not as narrow as feared with all the warnings here. anchors were in good shape and not too difficult to access. holding water, one puddle unavoidable, knee-deep. No water at the bottom of the final rappel however. beautiful and plenty of bang for the buck on an easy access, easy climb out canyon.
1 trip Three Canyon - San Rafael Desert
Date: 10/29/2022
Kirstie, Meg, & Ryan. Pretty wet, despite not having rained in some time! Anchors in good shape for rappel. Agree too many bolts on exit ramp, but having the two for the handline above the crux climb is very helpful .
1 trip3 trip Upper Red Breaks - Old Sheffield Road
Date: 10/10/2022
Lots of standing water near the bottom of east fork, first rap can be downclimbed or there's a fairly large hole to climb under/through currently. Max rope length needed would be 30m for a doublestrand rappel if you want to use the existing webbing. There is another rap, about 15m into a waist deep pool - this was the rappel we were glad to have a rope for. Lots of very slippery mud made this not beginner friendly.
3 trip Coyote Gulch - Hole In The Rock
Date: 10/08/2022
overnighter 10/8-10/9/22 with Gretch :) Crack in the wall loop. trailhead to Jacob Hamblin, down river back to crack in the wall. gorgeous and super fun. That black lagoon!!
1 trip Spry Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 05/30/2022
With Aud. Started at 8am, finished around 1:30-2? A few mostly avoidable stinky potholes. had wetsuit booties. anchors in great shape, but so many rope grooves. Many poorly placed bolts IMO. Pretty, but not a must-do.
1 trip Misery (Fat Mans) East / West Forks - Zion East Side
Date: 05/29/2022
With Aud. East Fork. No water until after the confluence with the West Fork. Spring was avoidable, so we only got about thigh deep at most including in Parunaweep. We went almost to the waterfall before deciding we didn't care for a swim. Did not need wetsuits and were glad we didn't tote them out, but we did use neoprene booties. I really can't believe no one has commented on the amount of SAND on this outing. From the trailhead all the way through, slogging through sand dunes. Somewhat tricky route-finding and sparsely traveled to the head of the East Fork. Our group of 2 was car-to-car in 8 hours 10 minutes.
1 trip The Subway (From the Top) - Zion West Side
Date: 05/28/2022
With Aud (HBD Leah!). Started at 9:50a, finished at 3p. leapfrogged with one other group of 2 guys from the trailhead. beautiful clear water, fun splashing around. happy to have wetsuits for an anything goes mentality. a few swims. Not sure I consider it an ultra-classic, but glad to have experienced it.
1 trip No Kidding Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/22/2022
(Angel's Advocate) - prettier and more fun IMO :) Sandy road out
1 trip No Kidding Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/21/2022
Canyoneering Chicks - sandtraps and fiddlesticks training
1 trip Angel Cove Slot - Angel Point
Date: 11/21/2021
down south, up north, all handlines in place for an easy ascent. less than 2 hours car to car.
1 trip Pine Creek - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 09/05/2021
With Sam. Tippy top full, no challenges just swims. I was fine in a 4/3 and booties, Sam was cold in a 3/2 and tennies. Mostly had it to ourselves. beautiful.
1 trip Double Arch Canyon - Eastern Reef
Date: 08/07/2021
Kinda get the bang for your buck? Cool final rap, tricky route finding
4 trip Black Dragon Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 08/07/2021
Super cool if you're in the area
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 06/13/2021
Been through 3 times.
1 trip Heaps Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 06/12/2021
Was told water was 2-3ft low. Experienced several complex pothole problems, 6-8 requiring partner assists. Left grotto parking lot at 4:41, got back at 11:42pm, after a minor debacle on last 2 raps. Also allowed team of 2 behind us to use my rope to rap, added 1.5 hours minimum.
1 trip Horse Play Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/15/2020
a few ankle-deep watery spots - all can be avoided with stemming.
1 trip Shenanigans - Middle West Butler
Date: 11/14/2020
guided Brad and Kirstie on first trip - super fun, physically demanding canyon! Meat anchored for 3 raps above grim crawl. I crawled - no problem downclimbing. All other anchor webbing in good shape. Last rap into shoulder-deep water, only the first down had to take the plunge, everyone else hugged the right wall (downcanyon) to stay dry above the knees. super fun, memorable canyon.
1 trip3 trip Leprechaun Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/08/2020
1 trip3 trip Happy Canyon (via Burr Point) - Dirty Devil
Date: 11/07/2020
One of my very favorite experiences.
3 trip Sulphur Creek - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/11/2020
neck deep wade in one part, otherwise avoidable water for the most part. wore water shoes and made for an easy and ejoyable day! No one else out there.
1 trip Cassidy Arch Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/10/2020
Birthday Trip with Meg & Gretch - their first real canyon :)
1 trip Wonderland Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 09/30/2020
dead snake in the first downclimb pothole, otherwise dry and anchors in good shape
1 trip Golf Canyon - Virgin River Gorge
Date: 06/07/2020
River crossing at 85 CFS, below-knee and very pleasant temps. All cairn anchors present and in good shape. lovely to cool off in the river after the hike.
1 trip Boy Scout Canyon - Black Canyon
Date: 06/06/2020
hot and windy! shared the river beach with kayakers, but had the hike to ourselves. would love to go back on kayak route
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/31/2020
Canyoneering chicks day 1
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 05/09/2020
Canyoneering chicks
1 trip Ghost Rider Canyon - Virgin River Gorge
Date: 11/26/2019
Went with Meg after Havasu, quick, easy, worth stopping for but definitely not worth a special trip.
1 trip3 trip Kanarra Creek - Kanarraville
Date: 10/25/2019
Did with Meg after Havasu
1 trip Herm Pollock Slot - Paria
Date: 10/12/2019
1 trip Dunham Slot - Paria
Date: 10/10/2019
3 trip Zebra and Tunnel Slot - Escalante
Date: 10/10/2019
1 trip Jolley Gulch - Zion East Side
Date: 09/08/2019
Quick, pretty easy hitter. cool view on approach. Probably not worth doing again, but fun to tie in with another shorty (Keyhole).
1 trip Keyhole Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 09/08/2019
several wades, almost up to sports bra. STINKY water, really gross, but not terribly cold. gorgeous little canyon with an excellently short approach.
1 trip Boundary Canyon - Zion West Side
Date: 09/07/2019
Boundary was totally dry, Kolob was low (one swimmer pool, but only mid-belly after a long jump with an assist). MIA trail SUCKED. Wow do not underestimate. 6.5 car to car. - took one wrong turn towards top of MIA and had to bushwhack a bit.
5 trip Green River Daily - Green River
Date: 05/26/2019
Not sure what the CFS was for the day, but based on our group's opinion the water was HIGH and FAST. Rapids were minimal, barely got wet! Only took a couple hours. Stopped for a pinata break :)
5 trip3 trip Little Grand Canyon - Northern Swell
Date: 05/25/2019
560's flow, Gnar group of 24. Little muddy on the roads, but overall great flow.
5 trip3 trip Little Grand Canyon - Northern Swell
Date: 05/18/2019
First time floating the river. Dropped in farther upstream, great campsite. 20 mile bike shuttle took about 2 hours, ride was just fine and totally doable. flow was 515ish,
1 trip Lost and Found Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 04/02/2019
A few wet spots, watch your rope
1 trip3 trip Buckskin Gulch - Paria
Date: 11/26/2018
Backpacked through with Kara!
1 trip Yankee Doodle Canyon - Leeds
Date: 11/18/2018
knee-thigh wades, one waist-deep pool. easily passable dirt road to trailhead. beautiful and fun!
1 trip Hog Canyons - North Wash
Date: 06/13/2018
Long approach.
1 trip3 trip Kanarra Creek - Kanarraville
Date: 06/12/2018
Did with parents, nate, Audrey, and Rylan.
1 trip Pandora's Box - Capitol Reef
Date: 06/13/2017
Big day!!
1 trip Egypt 1 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 08/29/2016
1 trip Egypt 2 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 08/21/2016
1 trip Egypt 3 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 06/13/2016
1 trip Mystery Canyon - Zion East Side
Date: 06/13/2016
Remember loving it. Saw bighorn sheep on approach, liked rapping into the narrows!
1 trip Behunin Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 10/09/2015
My second real canyon
1 trip Neon Canyon - Escalante
Date: 06/06/2015
First ever Rappel and canyon. Big intro