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1 trip Repeater Jr Canyon - Lost Spring
Date: 11/13/2021
First off, the rappel down the bottom just wasn't fun. I would never do it that way again. If another friend really wanted to try it I would definitely go looking for the anchor described in another comment b/c it looks like it might be really nice to do the rappel that way. For the hike out, it certainly wasn't well defined. We're pretty sure the intended way is, about 20' after turning right into the second wash, scramble up the crumbly sand but at the top of that is just a field of untouched crypto. We ended up just using someone else's footprints a bit farther up the canyon until we got to the intended trail but I think the bottom of the intended trail must have washed away at some point.
1 trip Pool Arch Canyon - Moab
Date: 04/04/2021
Great hot time with Allison.
1 trip Granary Canyon - Moab
Date: 04/03/2021
Fast and dry with Brock