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With dad. Pretty easy fun canyon. Long exit. 4hr 4min

Did this canyon with Jared S, Bryce, and Eduardo after we did "Not Mindbender" in the morning. It was mostly dry with a couple of small pools that could be stemmed over. I really enjoyed this canyon, especially all the high stemming required. This is a super fun canyon for intermediates or people who are comfortable stemming and climbing. The exit is a bit long (last rap to the car was about 1.5 hours of quick hiking) but the 5.5 climb out was very doable. When we did it there was a fixed rope for those not comfortable with the climb. After the climb out it is quite a steep slog back to the car. Bryce set up a shuttle with his e-bike which saved us about two miles of walking and was very appreciated. From trailhead to car was 4 hours.

Bailed before first rappel. First pothole that was not stemmable was full of ice, slab climb around looked spicy. (Caroline, Meg, Emily, Jenn, + me)

Some water. Hard to avoid. Slots were ok, not super fun. Extra rappel to avoid the pot holes before the last rap. Last rap is super cool!

Jamien and Matt

Tyler and his brother in law Sam

Great canyon! Hated the exit "moki climb."

This canyon had it all! (Except water and pothole escapes - which was just fine because it was cold!). Morgan, Bryce, Seth and I. The Canyoneering formed up almost immediately making for a great entrence hike. BIG and beautiful rappels with several tight squeeze sections. Larger folks had to go high in a few places. The main Can was gorgeous with huge walls on either side of a Sandy wide bottom. We found the mini steps without much trouble but were surprised by their difficulty. There were only 4 or five shallow divots carved into a very slick and exposed slab. We all climbed out unaided but were a bit puckered in our sandy shoes. 5.6. Presumably one person could solo then set up a belay. Pictographs and expansive sand stone bluffs made for a scenic exit. Hawkins family shuttled our car to the exit. NOTE: there was a super scenic and nice camp there. About 6 hours for the whole loop. Not great for inexperienced folks - or expect to rap and belay more.



Really awesome canyon. Enough sketch factor to make it interesting. Not for beginners or people that aren't comfortable climbing. A couple high stem spots however I was able to stay low and use some caving moves to keep from getting stuck and wiggle through. Would not recommend that for anyone over 170 lbs and is fairly hip got stuck once. There were a couple pot hole with barely any water. Only got our feet wet. The last rappel is mindbending. I thought the climb out was a little more challenging than a 5.5 but maybe that's because it was unroped....was my least favorite part of the adventure. Pretty long hiking sections and day...was just over 6 hours. Stopped a lot to explore side canyons and enjoy ourselves.


What a great canyon, has to be my favorite in Robbers so far. Moki exit is sketchy and 5.6+.




Done after "not mind bender" the day before