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Gorgeous. A few potholes in the beginning still filled with water. Riparian zone at the end is stunning.

with Brett! So fun. The petroglyphs at the end of a canyon really makes for a fun day.



With Neaky. Good holes for family picture.



Did this canyon with Wade, Allison, and Paul (Wade's Brother). The sandy road was an adventure in itself - lots of washboard and big bumps in the sand. We stayed at the first campsite, which is pretty much the only option, second campsite sucked. Canyon itself was fun, but I'm not sure it was totally worth the effort to get there. First rap was sketchy...had to stem out with the risk of swinging into the wall. Next time, I would recommend dropping directly into the first pothole where there was plenty of sand, which was out of site from the bolts. Might not be easiest to get over into the second pothole but better than taking a slam into the wall. Annalise actually started too high on her stem, couldn't hold on, and fell, swinging hard into the wall (Protect!!). At the bottom, we found a log to cross over the Virgin and checked out the Petroglyphs.

Dana Laurie




Completely destroyed my truck on the way in, both suspension and paint job. Once at canyon, it was a really great blend of drops and beautiful Icy waterfalls. CO-guided with group of 12

Elisha, the boys and me. Fun day. Shorter canyon than I expected.

Climb out of the riverbed was 50 feet short of the confluence with the East Fork on the left. Awesome route, took a standard Honda CRV all the way to the trail head although got some odd looks from 4 wheelers taking it so far in the sand. Always have a shovel and a pump in the sand!

This canyon can be as fun or not fun as you want it to be. The long drive is rough, but that is the only downside I can see. We did not see another soul the entire time we were out there. We also ended up exiting down the Barracks and out French Canyon. I highly recommend this. French Canyon was stunning. Because Rock Canyon is so short, I think it would be fun to pack inflatable tubes and float the Barracks when the river is a little higher.

Beautiful. Frozen waterfall at rap 4 was gorgeous.