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1 trip Diana's Throne Canyon - Zion East Side
Date: 11/29/2020
Did this canyon with Wade, Allison, and Paul (Wade's Brother) on the last day of our Thanksgiving trip. Canyon is easy to find & access.
1 trip Rock Canyon - Zion South Side
Date: 11/28/2020
Did this canyon with Wade, Allison, and Paul (Wade's Brother). The sandy road was an adventure in itself - lots of washboard and big bumps in the sand. We stayed at the first campsite, which is pretty much the only option, second campsite sucked. Canyon itself was fun, but I'm not sure it was totally worth the effort to get there. First rap was sketchy...had to stem out with the risk of swinging into the wall. Next time, I would recommend dropping directly into the first pothole where there was plenty of sand, which was out of site from the bolts. Might not be easiest to get over into the second pothole but better than taking a slam into the wall. Annalise actually started too high on her stem, couldn't hold on, and fell, swinging hard into the wall (Protect!!). At the bottom, we found a log to cross over the Virgin and checked out the Petroglyphs.
1 trip Yankee Doodle Canyon - Leeds
Date: 11/26/2020
Fun canyon! Missed the preferred exit and ended up hiking out of Hollow Creek instead.