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Rocky Mouth Falls - Wasatch Front

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Crazy high flow in the spring, almost got me into some trouble.

Sketchy approach. Fun rappelling. Second waterfall rappel is under some good flow.

Chad LaDow, his son Robert went up for this trip. Chad took the lead. Finished in about an hour.

Gustavo Carrillo, his son Diego, Tristan, Alysen and Jordan all came this time. Weather good, we finished fairly quickly

Craig Caldwell, Chad LaDow, Spencer and Erin Clegg all came for the second run of this canyon

There was a treasure hunt event the evening that we first explored this area. We met the guy who found the treasure who was climbing down with the 2.5 ft wide wooden chest strapped to his backpack. It banged and slid down as he scrambled down the hillside as we ascended over the edge to the waterfall start. With me was Alysen, Jordan and Mark Hartner. The weather was hot and flow was a little low for this time of year. Water was cool.


Went in the early spring, not quite sure the exact date. Tons of water at the time, and was a bit cold.


A mild year made for a great Christmas Eve. Only a little ice.

A mild year made for a great Christmas Eve. Only a little ice.

A mild year made for a great Christmas Eve. Only a little ice.



Short 2 hour trip w/ MW


Awesome rap! The trail that goes up the left side of the falls is really steep, definitely an all four scramble. It takes about 10 minutes to get up, and the trail is on the right side. We followed that over the ridgeline to where we set up a short 10m rappel to save ourselves the down climb (rock face to get down). We used a rock as a natural anchor. That deposited us right at the top of the waterfall. We downclimbed the first two short sections of the waterfall to get to the webbing and rapide links, which are in solid condition. We hooked up the rope, threw it over the edge, and I locked in my figure eight. I took a camera down with me to get photos of my two rappelling buddies coming down after me which turned out awesome. The rappel ends in a 6 inch deep pool of refreshing water. There wasn't much of a falls because the water level was too low, so it mostly just barely flowed above a trickle, but I bet it would be super cool after a rainstorm.