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Tick List

1 trip Arch Nemesis Canyon - Capitol Gorge
Date: 10/22/2023
Spectacular day Joe Katy Olga Maggie Shawn
1 trip Na-gah Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/21/2023
Great canyon Will Maxwell Shawn F.X. Jonathan Olga Chris
1 trip Pandora's Box - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/20/2023
Spectacular canyon!! Probably one of my all time favorites??
1 trip Old School - Capitol Reef
Date: 10/19/2023
Did it with the 2 Robs, fast fun little Canyon
1 trip Micro Death Hollow - Escalante
Date: 08/19/2023
Did Micro Death all the way to the river at Pothole Fest 2023


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