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With Kate and Matt after U-Turn. Downclimbs & big rap were spooky for Matt; Kate was nervous but enjoyed it a lot. I was able to do all the downclimbs (everything up until the big rap) without rope; the last drywall I rapped but then climbed up to retrieve the webbing & downclimbed; the second drop just before the big rap I used Matt as a meat anchor to check out the anchor, but then climbed back up to assist & made it down unaided.

Was a nice canyon but last drop was really big as we did it as a single rappel 240"


Also called Lizard Country, this has a breathtaking final rappel. Led this canyon at 7 am with Brandt Jones and Mark Hartner. Finished at 11 am

GPS navigating in the fins to find R1 was extremely helpful. Water found, but avoidable. R2 was a thriller; reminded me of Englestead in Zion. Huge wall! Used 300 ft and 135 ft ropes on R2 that worked nicely. Exit to the road was surprising that we were met with housing and a no trespassing sign. R2 anchors were solid and recently replaced.

Fun canyon! We used GPS and I was glad we had it. I think finding the entrance to the canyon would be difficult without it.

Jackson. The slab dc before rap 2 was challenging (stay low, then go up). Would be fine down the chimney if we could get wet. First rap could be dc by going rappeler's left, but rock was questionable. We found a perfect thread and used that (80').

Explored the canyon with Doug Folland before the Relief Society Trip



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