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Trail Canyon - Trachyte

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sand bag description. very wet, very narrow bits. long. 5.5 hours Hike in was difficult to follow.

Did this with Kaden, Flo and LG and took 5:30. Wet, a couple swims, barely fit through some of the narrows and had to go high in a few places. The rappels are straightforward. A cairn anchor was at R1 and a chockstone anchor was at R2 although a sandtrap would work here. Much tougher and physically exhausting than described.

Fun Canyon with some nice down climbs we did run into a few nasty pools in the middle of Canyon you should high stem over. car to car in 3 hours

with Casey

Did it without wetsuits. Swam the diamond pool. Did not see how to fit through the narrows (I'm 5'9" & 160), so went up and over; fairly rigorous & a bit nervy.