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1 trip Blue John Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 10/31/2021
Do not do Blue John as your first canyon. Though popular, this is not an easy Canyon, and it’s very easy to get lost in. Bring GPS, go prepared, and know what you’re doing. Read the story below. Did the full blue John via little blue with two experienced canyoneers on a Friday, car to car in seven hours. Recent floods showed water lines 30+ feet up in box Canyon sections, scary... We saw no one else until just after the final repel in blue John. We saw a group of four people there, and when I asked them their route, And which fork they started with, they had no idea what I was talking about, merely repeating they did the rappel we just did. I asked if they had dirt bikes (we saw two at little blue trailhead, the only other vehicles anywhere around) which they confirmed. They then hiked on as we ate lunch. 10 minutes later their group leader hiked back to us, and asked what the easiest route back to their bikes would be. He argued with me when I told him there was no way back to their bikes now and they were past 2 to 3 irreversible repels. He had no gps, and pulled out his map for me to orient him. I quickly realized that his map did not include the full blue john, but only the forks, as his plan was to go up the west fork. Well off of their map, his plan was now to take the next right, and try to climb up and out, which would’ve been at horseshoe Canyon and would’ve made them extremely lost and out of the way for any canyoneers or hikers. To make things worse this was their first canyon, they had told no one where they were or what they were doing, and they were staying in Moab. Noone would have known where to look for them, nor would have known they were missing for a few days. We hiked them out, and gave them a ride back to their vehicle, while explaining how close they were to spending several days out there they were. No other groups did the canyon that day. Then the next day, it rained HARD, and we are now certain we saved them not only several shitty days, but likely saved their lives. Go prepared, and be safe.
1 trip High Spur Canyon - High Spur
Date: 09/05/2021
Absolutely stunning canyon. The road walk back is quite long though, and do not underestimate the drive. 4wd high clearance highly recommended, and it will take a while!!