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Little Grand Canyon - Northern Swell

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Ran with Michele. Great to be back after so long! Lots of water, with fairly stout swirls and eddies and a few easily avoided strainers.

About 580cfs. Several long breaks with a 5 year old and 6 year old. About 7 hours.

Camped at one of the sites on the way to the canyon, had an enormous stack of firewood which was pretty awesome and unexpected.

Water was around 1200 cfs, we could have done this in one day if we tried. Stopped at mile 4.5 where there was a lovely lunch spot. I would camp/backpack into Virgin and stay in the alcove that is there rather than where we went if I had to do it all over again.


560's flow, Gnar group of 24. Little muddy on the roads, but overall great flow.

First time floating the river. Dropped in farther upstream, great campsite. 20 mile bike shuttle took about 2 hours, ride was just fine and totally doable. flow was 515ish,

5 hours at 900 cfs.

Floated one time many years ago with Kevin. Used tractor tube from Jeff's Repair.

Between 6.5 and 7 hours at about 170 CFS with a couple of short breaks. With Cristina, Roman, and Abby

About 5.5-6 hours at about 550CFS with Cristina and Lucy with a couple of breaks.

I had dreamed about floating this river ever since I was a boy and had looked down upon the river from the Wedge Overlook. Finally, after years of dreaming I rounded up a group to do this float. It was so fun and so beautiful! I just Can't get enough of the SRS

So much fun. My wife and I went to help chaperon a youth group and had a blast.