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Tick List

3 trip Grandstaff Canyon - Moab
Date: 08/12/2023
Exit of medieval chamber
1 trip U-Turn Canyon - Arches National Park
Date: 08/12/2023
Good beginner route with no water
1 trip Medieval Chamber - Moab
Date: 08/12/2023
One of the originals! Car shuttle or route find though the bluffs back
1 trip Fins and Things Canyon - Moab
Date: 08/12/2023
Not well travelled and a nice get away. Kathy and Parker walked out the creek and I route found my way back to truck to meet them at the mill creek splash and play
1 trip2 trip Elephant Butte - Arches National Park
Date: 08/12/2023
Completed several years ago but a great adventure with climbing, rappelling, and route finding
4 trip Mule Canyon Towers - Cedar Mesa
Date: 08/12/2023
Interesting but tan out of time to explore the lower more well preserved ruin.
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 08/11/2023
Parker’s first solo