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Great canyon!

w/Marko & Mike. 5.5 car to car, no keepers, lots of standing, semi-nasty water. happy to have 3/2 farmer jane on 75 degree day.

Did Upper Three Fingers, with me, Andrew, Todd, Carlos, and Bret, took 8.5 hrs, lots of water (more than Ryan’s write up), cold, but very pretty rock and gorgeous views down the reef. Bit of a long walk along the mesa to get to the canyon.

Stay left of closest canyon to butte.

Medium approach with obvious features to assist with navigation. 30m rope used for all decents. Easy escapes if needing to bail midway through the canyon. Rope became stuck at the first major rappel (Beware).


Pools were nearly full and very stinky! Did this with Leslie and John Schipper, Tammy Berrie, Tom Neff, and Ron Bauer. All short rappels.

We strolled through upper three fingers on the afternoon of Friday 19 Mar 2021. A favorite little canyon for our group that we decided to hit as a fun primer before hitting Quandary(Direct) the next morning. We found the canyon to be very dry compared to the fun splish-splash romp we had experienced last mid-June. We didn't suit up until the first rappel and that was the only place we got wet. Always a cold pool with such little sunlight. It was quite a shock to the system when we were dripping sweat at the top putting our suits on and then descending into the dark abyss. we usually don't hang out very long in that pool. There was some ice on the final pool but we were able to avoid getting wet altogether for the rest of the canyon. I had on a 4/3 suit and my companion wore his 3/2 and we both were quite comfortable after the initial plunge. To add to the previous report, we did find that there are wilderness signs posted a mile before the trail head asking for vehicles to stay out.


Fun wet romp and a stroll in the park. Great time!

Ok canyon. Hike in (and out) detract from the fun of the canyon. Mostly dry except for darkest section of the canyon and the last pool. Might be more fun with higher water levels. Views at the end are spectacular. Time: 4 hours. Team: Dylan, Dave, Blake, Kyle.

Fun little canyon. The return back to the car is a longer one that does detract from the canyon a bit.

Great canyon! Fun down climbing, swimming, and a pothole escape. There was a 4" scorpion in the keeper pothole.


Great canyon! Water level was high enough that second keeper was not a problem. First rap webbing in great condition. Didn't find any webbing for second rap and didn't want to leave any, so final person butt-slid then jumped 8 feet into pool after first two people confirmed that it was more than deep enough.

w/Bryce & Alexander