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Sayre, Natalie, and Emma. First big rappel after Egypt 2! Scary to get back on a rope that high up and a little PTSD, but really happy about it!

Sara's bday! Combined with Fern's Nipple for a long day.

A good one to do once. :-) The long rap (2nd) was quite amazing but it can be a hard rap. Don't underestimate it's difficulty if you have anyone with low experience. Great view of Cassidy arch and canyon from the hike up to Timpie. Had chest deep water right after the big rap. I went through first and we zipped packs across and then actually "zipped" the other three in the party part way. At least they only got wet up to their knees. Was a fun challenge with lots of laughter. Good problem solving and creativity.

I rated this canyon as a 3 because there isn't much to it. What you get is good though, and if you combine it with the hike to Fern's nipple or one of the other slots in the area it makes a great day.

Timpie was a straight forward and easy but fun canyon. The awesomeness was all about rap two, and it was pretty fun. Rap three had a chest deep puddle to wade through but it had rained a few days before and had been cold. If you are down in the area and are looking for a couple canyons to hit, I would add this one to the list to fill out a day.

This was a lot of fun! The long rappel was particularly beautiful