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don't twice once with Chin. once with Heather

Completely full of water. Lots of waist and chest deep pools. Swimming in some sections. We didn’t wear wetsuits. Those of us who wore neoprene booties were comfortable, those without got pretty cold. It was sunny with a high of 84.


DK, LZ water to chest in main canyon skip East fork and do West East fork is gorgeous!


With Aud. East Fork. No water until after the confluence with the West Fork. Spring was avoidable, so we only got about thigh deep at most including in Parunaweep. We went almost to the waterfall before deciding we didn't care for a swim. Did not need wetsuits and were glad we didn't tote them out, but we did use neoprene booties. I really can't believe no one has commented on the amount of SAND on this outing. From the trailhead all the way through, slogging through sand dunes. Somewhat tricky route-finding and sparsely traveled to the head of the East Fork. Our group of 2 was car-to-car in 8 hours 10 minutes.

Very nice to finish the canyon into the E.F. of the Virgin River! Warm day, took wetsuits but didn't use them. Just got wet to waist. Scenic but long approach and exit.

Fantastic trip with Tucker and Jeff - lost iPhone in the lower potholes.

Excellent water filled canyon! We did the east fork, but in the end I would probably do the west fork to save a few miles. The exit hike is pretty big.

This hike out took us about 4.5 hours to do. ‘ Overall about 17 miles and 11 hours to do this one

Misery is well worth the pain and exhaustion of the hike in and out to do!! The hike in took about 4 hours to get to the beginning of slot canyon, and about a half mile in there was a long and steep sand hill to climb over and if we do this again remember to stay high and close to the cliffs on the left. The canyon itself takes about 4 hours to do and it is spectacular especially the bottom half, i will say remember to bring lots of water, we brought 6 liters and still ran out.there is a creek at the bottom that if you bring a filter you can refill your bottles out of that. If you do this hike early summer or spring you will definitely need a wet suit the water in the cavern is really cold. The creek at the bottom is nice to sit cool off and rejuvenate also bring a lunch that you can eat there you will need it for the hike out. The hike out is a beast 4.4 miles all up hill and the first half mile is straight up a cliff and then there are all the sand hills that have to climb up and over witch will sap your leg energy really fast. But overall it was fun and would do it again

(East) This was a heck of a hike. The approach can be confusing and the exit would suck real bad in the heat of day. There are some down climbs In the canyon. Definitely need to be in shape for the hiking.

Lee Katherine Goldstein, Brian Reischl, Hendricks Schmidt, Jessica Kelly


Dry conditions allowed for no wetsuit. Group of 5 took 11 hrs car to car taking our own sweet time and waiting in the bottom for the heat to subside.

We did fat man’s misery in May of 2018. It was a brutally long hike in sand. It is definitely hot, and you should bring plenty of water. The slot was ok, with the confluence at the bottom being spectacular.


Scott, Alan, Joel, DJ & I,. This approach and exit SUCKS!!! I doubt I'll do this canyon again. The canyon was very open it had a very cool surprise hot spring at the end that was awesome. We lost track of the exit hike and had way too much ups and downs and oddly enough my legs were cramping it was horrible. I had my camelbak but I should have filtered water or brought more cuz I felt like I was exhausted. It was just my legs, they kept cramping..I packed the rope

West fork


Groto was very cool.

West Fork

Ended up in the West fork. Plenty of fun! got to ascend my first rope!



Got proposed to on this trip!!!