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1 trip Birch Hollow - Zion East Side
Date: 10/03/2020
Quick canyon with great rappels! Make sure to bring a good vehicle to leave at the Orderville trailhead. It will save you a decent stretch of walking.
1 trip Misery (Fat Mans) East / West Forks - Zion East Side
Date: 10/02/2020
Excellent water filled canyon! We did the east fork, but in the end I would probably do the west fork to save a few miles. The exit hike is pretty big.
1 trip Witch's Cauldron - Trachyte - Land of Oz
Date: 05/06/2020
Don't take beginners haha, gets a bit hairy!
1 trip East and West Cheesebox Canyon - Cedar Mesa
Date: 05/05/2020
Such a fun canyon! Great swimming sections!
1 trip The Black Hole of White Canyon - Hite
Date: 05/04/2020
Great beginner canyon! Long, beautiful swims!!
1 trip Neon Canyon - Escalante
Date: 04/14/2019
Great views the entire time! Quite a long day having 7 people but we got back before dark and in good spirits! The water was pretty cold but there were pockets of sunshine in the right places after the swimming sections!
1 trip Dunham Slot - Paria
Date: 04/13/2019
Great canyon! Very easy approach and exit and gorgeous views! Would do again!
1 trip Three Canyon - San Rafael Desert
Date: 04/12/2019
Fun rappel at the beginning! The canyon is pretty open and makes for a good walk/hike.
1 trip Englestead Canyon - Zion East Side
Date: 06/13/2018
Spectacular beginning!! It looks similar to Boundary canyon's start. It goes from a flat forrest to a 300' deep canyon in an instant! The first rappel was a bit more intense for all of our group than anticipated. We did a single strand rappel with a 100 meter rope and after a while your hands get pretty tired and the gear gets hot. Having heavy gear for the 10+ hour expedition makes it intense. My suggestion is to have the first person go without any extra weight so they can easily get to the bottom and then fireman's belay everyone else so they can take breaks along the way. Also, use a set up that will allow more friction from your gear and full finger, thick gloves. One of our guys burned his hands pretty good on the way down. Once you are passed the first rappel, get ready for some epic scenery and awesome rappels! Really nice down there on the journey to the center of the earth! There are several rappels right before Orderville with fairly awkward starts. We had a group of 6 and it took a bit longer than anticipated. Our total time with 6 people all the way down through the Narrows was about 11:15. Super fun day all the way through! One of the better canyons in Zion for sure!
1 trip Pine Creek - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 06/12/2018
Just as fun as the last 2 times! One of meee favorites for sure!
1 trip Larry Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/24/2018
Fun canyon and beautiful. Pretty long day especially with some newer people.
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 04/15/2018
So fun! Short but super sweet! Hike to the entrance was incredible! The Goblin valley is unreal! I gotta go back and explore deeper into the small cave at the bottom of the rappel!
1 trip The Squeeze - San Rafael Swell
Date: 04/14/2018
Long day! Worth it for sure! The pothole escapes are incredible and require a decent amount of teamwork! We went at a super low level of water and didn't even need to pull out the wetsuits. Some gnarly ponds in there that smelled pretty bad haha
1 trip Clearwater Canyon - Cataract Canyon
Date: 04/06/2018
Hell of a journey! One of the longer more intense (physical -wise) canyons I've done so far! Worth the intense journey hands down, the views are epic! Cataract canyon is a super beautiful place and camping on the Colorado river was amazing! 5/5 for sure!
1 trip Benign Canyon - Dirty Devil
Date: 03/13/2018
Super awesome potholes and a great/easy canyon to do in a couple hours!
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 03/12/2018
BEAUTIFUL! Epic rappel through a huge arch! Super short and easy to access!
1 trip Hog Canyons - North Wash
Date: 03/11/2018
We did hog 1 and 2! Hog two has an epic finish through the birth canal! #1 is technical and super fun!
1 trip Boundary Canyon - Zion West Side
Date: 11/17/2017
Excellent Canyon! Crazy entrance rappel! "Journey to the center of the earth"
1 trip Orderville Canyon - Zion East Side
Date: 10/26/2017
Our first slot canyon!! Long day but super fun and wet! Ended up in the narrows and weirded some people out haha!
1 trip3 trip Upper Twin Corral Box - Robbers Roost
Date: 03/30/2017
Short but sweet! Great warm up canyon for beginners. The end is a huuuge drop! I wish we had enough rope to descend!
1 trip Blue John Canyon - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/24/2016
We tried to find the arm!!! haha, great canyon! Super beautiful!
1 trip High Spur Canyon - High Spur
Date: 05/23/2016
High Spur is one of my favorite canyons! We ended up goin back later to do it again! The final rappel is amazing!
1 trip3 trip Leprechaun Canyon - North Wash
Date: 11/09/2015
Very tight and technical, but super fun and a great day all around! So tight, I couldn't even turn my head sideways at some points haha!
1 trip The Wives - Capitol Reef
Date: 11/08/2015
Great day learning from a good buddy that had a ton of canyoneering experience! We did 2 of the wives.
1 trip Pine Creek - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 10/27/2015
One of the best damn canyons out there! Wooooooey! So nice we had to do it twice!
1 trip Keyhole Canyon - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 10/27/2015
Short but super sweet!!