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The Chute of Muddy Creek - Southern Swell

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Solo in packraft. Nice to be back after so long! Encountered a woman and her daughter having a bit of an epic--hopefully I helped them out of their panic. Tried to run on June 14 before we did Deso, but had a comedy of errors: took forever to get there in the Puch, so I was behind all day. Then the brakes failed, and I misplaced the skewer for my MTB which was to be the shuttle. There are people out there these days, so I probably could have mooched a ride. But after all that, it was raining upstream, so I bailed. I got rained on hard on the way out, but the wildflowers were awesome and I exited through Sinbad and Swazey's cabin, which I don't remember ever doing.

Driving to swell on Friday afternoon

Excellent conditions for the float (though a bit busy), enough water that we never had to drag our kayaks


Awesome!! Floated it in a Pack Raft @ 180 cfs. One of the best floats ever. Might be able to enjoy it with less flow, but not tons less.


Awesome through hike, long Mountain bike shuttle at the end.

Even in high water there are plenty of shallow rocks. Very scenic and fun. Long hike out at the end.

Gotta be the coolest float I have ever done! The SRS never ceases to amaze me! I love having this as my backyard!

190 cfs was about the minimum and still got caught on a few rocks. Way more fun than expected and the landscape is stunning. Music Canyon is worth the side adventure. Didn't make it to chimney canyon, so I have a reason to go back.