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Entry point for canyoneering/packraft loop. Descended Three Canyon to the Green, floated to mouth of Keg Spring Canyon and cowboy camped .25 mile up Keg Spring from the river. Exiting Keg Spring was delightful at times, and a bushwack hell at others. Excellent 2 day adventure.


Kirstie, Meg, & Ryan. Pretty wet, despite not having rained in some time! Anchors in good shape for rappel. Agree too many bolts on exit ramp, but having the two for the handline above the crux climb is very helpful .

Jamien, Matt, carry, Luke Beautiful, walk in the part and so pretty Only three bolts that we could see. Used a tag to rap and dynamic 60m to climb up.

Totally dry. Took 4hrs. All anchors good.

This canyon is really fun. It’s more of a hike with just one long rappel at the start. The canyon is wide the whole way down. There are numerous springs with running water. This made the canyon so green and with the blooming flowers it felt like a desert oasis. We took a swim in one of the deeper pools and the water was very clear and felt great. It’s worth the extra time to go down to the Green River. I recognized an old campsite I used from when I floated the Green. It may be hard to get to the river bank during spring runoff because the river backs up into the canyon. We used a hand line we set to exit the canyon. It is fairly exposed and would have been a little uncomfortable without it. Total time was 7 hrs with two long swim breaks and a car shuttle.

Lovely hike with a big rappel, had fun with the kids.

Fun rappel at the beginning! The canyon is pretty open and makes for a good walk/hike.



Big pretty canyon

Nice big canyon out in the dessert-23 miles out. Climb out was a bit scary at the crux.



Went with Doug, Tom, Dave, Shawn. hiked to the river and got a minnow spa treatment

climb wasn't bad