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Quality Ratings


C2c3h. Roxy brian kristin me pie Bailed from second exit due to water/high stemming. Might be able to shimmy down and continue in dry conditions. Bailed halfway down. Still had solid teamwork and 12’ stemming. Trundled huge Boulder after it shifted during down climbing.



Went with Kaden after Monkey Business. We did it in a little over 2 hours. A bit strenuous but fun. Dabbled in the "R" section, but we were tired, so backed out. At least as nice as Horse Play. Good end of day bonus near good camping.

Stem city. R rates bonus cool too but had to save Matt and Phil. Always bring two things of webbing. Go back and do the waterfall rappel that is not in the beta.

Really fun high stemming narrow

Fun canyon with lots of chimneying. Sacrum took a beating on this one. Added on the R section at the end and exited out the first slot on the right. Do-able, but prob should have taken the exit after it.

Did the extra credit section at the end. Awesome canyon.

Always bring 2 lengths of webbing. :) Lots of fun stemming, last section high up and over some silos. Mat and I got stuck in the exit on a slabby death section, and had to be rescued by Erik with two lengths of webbing around a rock as a hand line.