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Did this with Mike, Matt and Brett. Some awkward challenging high stemming. Some long sections of stemming. Matt slipped on a n awkward section had to be rescued.

Not much water, didn’t even know we passed the Cauldron. Fun route, interesting stemming.

Cauldron was not a keeper. Very tight. Stemming was not difficult but was laborious.

Don't take beginners haha, gets a bit hairy!

Witches Cauldron 4/14?

Did this canyon with Mark and Chris from boulder. The upper section was fun with one section of high stemming on nice features and a down climb at the end. We did one 40 foot rappel to enter the lower section. The keeper pothole was full of sand, dry and easy to climb out of. After that nice tight slots with high stemming and we had to get wet near the end no wet suits necessary in the summer. to exit we down climbed the last rappel.

Don't remember exact date off the top of my head. This was an awesome canyon! Pothole full of sand with a baby rattlesnake in the bottom. Make sure to go real high on the tight, high stemming. It gets real skinny. Kaden Lundeen, Adam, and Logan.

not that hard stemmed over cauldron

Sketchy. Conor and Jhole went HIGH, I went through. Lots of spiders in the dark on the wall. Don't slip. Didn't have wetsuit. I got wet. Didn't need escape tools with the water level in the cauldron.

completely full of water and a blast! No issue with keeper pothole and the crux was definitely the tight high-stemming right before the end of the canyon. I definitely will come back to this one.

This one is tricky. Very little water for our journey, and the weather for hot as hell, so we didn't use our wetsuits at all. The cauldron was knee deep and could be entered and escaped without assistance. I don't believe we used pot shots for anything, but different water levels would have created more challenges along those lines. The swim after the cauldron was still a swim, albeit short. The main challenge of this canyon was the stemming. Hundreds of feet of sometimes awkward stemming with death cracks below you. I would say that everyone in your party absolutely needs to be good at stemming and able to do it for 100 feet at a time - there were no alternatives in most sections. Overall a fun and strenuous canyon, maybe the physically hardest I've done.

really amazing, really hard, last section stay way high the rappel, dont got low




with Tom T

What an amazing canyon!!! It was absolutely tough and exciting! keeper was filled with sand but there was high stemming, tight stemming abo e a dark crack, squeezing, downclimbs, spiders, sketchy traverses, and everything you could ever want in a canyon. even moments where you question your own sanity but in the end we came out exhilarated. this is in my top favorite canyons, but it is definitely one of the toughest I've done.