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Northwest Fork of Big Spring Canyon - High Spur

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This section of canyons is a haul to get To, but well worth it. It was really tight and had many undercut features I had not seen before. There are many long sections of very scenic tight slots. The canyon had some shallow standing water that could be stemmed with enough skill. Half of the crew had dry feet at the end and half were wet. Total time was 4 hrs with a couple quick breaks.

Sporty canyon. Held pools of water even during dry year. Had to pass on other branches since it probably holds water.

Beautiful, short canyon! More down climbing than anticipated - somebody has rigged rappels on multiple 10-ft down climbs in this canyon. Definitely not needed

Felix and I. Great short entrance, gets interesting and slotted really quick. Beautiful first repel. Nice tight sections, even shaded / dark a few times (no head lamps needed). Has a few interesting down climbs that were super fun. Really pretty swirls. The second repel is off of a boulder and is in two stages- we extended the courtesy anchor really far and were glad for it. About 30 feet to the second stage - large pretty room. Then drop another 25 feet to a really pretty room. Take off harnesses, leave pads on. A few more right and squeezes, and two more down climbs. Those had webbing, we didn’t need them. A few more interesting subway like hall ways, really pretty. The exit was not bad, short height out of the canyon, then desert walk until you find the road. Our note is to remember to go left sooner when you hit the red crust. Short road walk back to car. We recommend this for beginners with adequate leadership experience. We could take Martin and Inge on this.




Did with Drew and Matt. Used the natural horn to hold the rope. Ended up getting the rope stuck, but finally freed it. Next time put a sling on it

with sue.



muddy and pretty technical