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Escalante & Bryce

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1 trip Wonderland Canyon - Capitol Reef
Date: 05/26/2019
Anchors still in good condition. Wetsuits were nice but not 100% necessary.
1 trip Nighthawk Canyon - Grand Wash
Date: 05/25/2019
Barely any water in the canyon, travel through potholes was easy. Final rappel currently at 197 ft with long webbing. Anchor in fair condition.
1 trip Neon Canyon - Escalante
Date: 05/27/2018
Low water levels - no wetsuit required. Deepest water was roughly waist deep and intermittent sun in the canyon kept things warm. Did "More Fun" Entry/North Fork and it was absolutely worth it for the extra quarter mile we hiked. The semi-keeper turned out to be a true keeper (with an easy rappel around it) and we moved right through the actual KPH without actually noticing it. Great canyon...I just wish we had gotten to swim
1 trip3 trip Upper Red Breaks - Escalante
Date: 05/26/2018
Fun canyon with enough obstacles to keep it interesting...didn't live up to the hype as being "one of the best non-tech" canyons though. Do yourself a favor and wait to do this canyon from late Fall through early Spring - doing it in May was already too mind-numbingly hot (also lots of wash walking if you enter from the south). There was no shallow pool