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North Fork of Iron Wash - San Rafael Swell

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full of water!

Easy, short, fun

Quick trip with Kaden. We did this without ropes. Dry throughout. Keeper may need partner assist, but we did it without.

A little water in this canyon but not much. Canyon walls are beautiful; lots of color and texture. Keeper was about waist deep. Downclimbed all sections of the canyon. A fixed line bridges the keeper, and there was also a hand line. Dylan climbed into the keeper with a fixed line to my pack. He went in to test water depth. He climbed back out and we decided to potshot the keeper. We ascended up canyon to first sand/rocks available. We filled two potshots 3/4 full. Dylan was successful with his second toss. I went into the Keeper and wasn't able to climb out with our line, it felt loose. I ascended with the fixed line. Jonnah escaped with a partner assist. I retied our line with bites closer together. Watched the potshot as Dylan ascended our line. Performed perfectly. Walkout is hot and climbing out of the canyon is steep! Time 4.5 hours. Team: Jonnah, Dylan, and Kyle

Extremely beautiful Canyon I think it deserves more credit we did it in the afternoon after zero-g

The keeper can be conquered safely!!

High stemming, but not too difficult. Rap from log had a tricky start but was cool. The dark, aweful pothole was spooky--avoided.

Fun canyon. Keeper had ankle deep water - climbed out without issue- pretty good handholds to work with.

Little water. Bryce was able to boulder out of keeper hole. Did in 3 hrs with Bryce and Hadley.



went through this canyon over the weekend, route finding on the way in was a bit tough but we managed. I was super stoked to get in a large difficult pothole but got skunked. it seem that the hole has filled up with sand and rocks to only make it about 2M (6 feet) deep. there was also no rappel after the pothole. figured we were in the correct canyon based on the description of the first rappel being from a sketchy bolt. skipped that via down climb and kept the technical gear stowed in their bags..