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Full Imlay, Kings Peak.


Spanish Fork, UT

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1 trip Egypt 2 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 04/03/2016
The big wall rappel is what makes this canyon great. Took us 3 hours to complete including the big wall rappel and exit.
1 trip Egypt 1 Canyon - Escalante
Date: 04/02/2016
Took 2 hours to complete. Bring 40ft webbing & rope for raps up to 30-40 feet. I would not recommend down climbing anything in this canyon.
1 trip Neon Canyon - Escalante
Date: 04/02/2016
Canyon was wet for 2nd half. Glad we had our wetsuits. Definitely due it again.
1 trip Yankee Doodle Canyon - Leeds
Date: 03/13/2016
It rained all day before filling this canyon with water. We did without wetsuits, and were very cold. I would have recommended at least a shorty for this time of year. 2 swimmers (30 feet long) & lots of water. Reminds me of a little Pinecreek.
1 trip Arch (Johnson) Canyon - Snow Canyon
Date: 03/12/2016
We only rappelled 2-3 times & climbed everything else. Canyone IMO was only mediocre. 1 wet spot waste deep, I wouldn't bring a wetsuit. Canyon with 6 people only took us 2 hours & we got stuck behind another group on the last rap. Last rap 200' was the best part. Careful about a rope eating crack on the pull !!!
1 trip Boltergeist Canyon - Leeds
Date: 03/12/2016
All water you could get around. We did it when it was partially snowing without wetsuits. Short & sweet. Last rappel is the best part of this canyon, plus there is no approach if you have 4WD.
1 trip Imlay Canyon (Sneak Route) - Zion Main Canyon
Date: 10/17/2015
We did FULL IMLAY. Raps up to 200' w/ over 50 raps. We spent the night in canyon. 5mm full wetsuit & neo socks/gloves is a must. Potholes were 3/4 full & required hooking on most. Awesome beautiful canyon !!!
3 trip Kings Peak - Highest Point in Utah
Date: 07/18/2015
Instead of spending the night by the lake hike east & camp away from the groups. Adds another couple miles to your total hiking but gives you silence & access to plenty of firewood.

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