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ran with Lottes, Judy, and Martin for our last day and on way home. Fine short canyon, dead man was hard to check and a bit awkward since it was pretty slimy. downclimb is probably do able but we did hand line/mini rap. Def not a destination canyon, but good add on to a trip as it is short.

First canyon for Nahuel and Val. Eric joined us too. Cool new canyon crew. Try to go under the initial log. More fun than you think.

Short approach hike. Nothing noteworthy to report regarding this slot canyon. It's probably worth doing once. Last rappel was into a small pool of water and the canyon walls were muddy from recent rainfall.

With Margetts. Not that exciting

We did this one after Hogwarts Canyon. It was really quick, about 1.5 hrs car to car. The slot was really short with a baby rappel. More of a hike with close access, but a good one to do if you are short on time. There was some water at the bottom that was avoidable.


A great, easy and quick solo experience. At the up canyon entry I walked further up canyon (maybe 5minutes) to explore and ran into some quicksand.

for such a short unremarkable canyon, it was kinda obnoxious as anchors and starting raps were never straightforward. I don't recommend it for beginners, whom I was with. BYOR for the deadman--the one I found was just a couple softball sized rocks with medical tape trying to hold them together. Thankfully hadn't pulled the rope on the last rap and was able to go back for a real rock

with casey




w/ mike

Fun down climb instead of 1st rappel. Used knot for anchor on last (only) rappel.


Did this one at sunset/night with a GPS for route finding. Had to do 2 short rappels, both into small pools of water. I think these pools are usually dried up. Took our group of 3 about 2 hours.

Basic, short canyon. Not a lot of stemming or climbing involved. Finished in a little under two hours with Lauren. Didn't manage to avoid the pool at the end! Walls were very slippery.