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Full of water. 1am-1am. Final rap, prusik biner wouldn't unlock, cut prusik cord spinning at end of 200ft rope, 100ft innthe air above Emerald Pools. Dry bags all failed, wer heavy bags. No pothole escapes required

Dan's Birthday canyon. We started at 2 am, were at the top of the plateau at sunrise. At the second rappel, we found the rope had a core shot. Passed the knot on the 2nd rappel to the canyon floor. Got into the first narrows approximately 9 am. threw the second narrows by 11 am. Got stuck in the middle of the 3rd narrows, rescued by Dan. made it to the final rappel sequence by 3:15 pm. On the very last rappel, I got stuck on the knot and was exhausted - could not pass the knot. Dan and Sara did a rescue to lower me to the ground while the crowds cheered. Everyone got stuck on the knot but everyone else was able to self rescue and pass the knot


Started at 4:00am from the Grotto, hiked to Cabin Springs and filtered water, dropped into the first narrow at around 10:00am, got back to the car at 8:30pm. It took us way longer than we wanted it to/thought it would. We were first people down after significant rain and flash flooding in the area. Lots of debris left over and plenty of water to swim through. We broke a couple of "dams" and turned a few of the raps into a class C canyon. We went way to slow on the last rap sequence and when doing it again will leave a station chief at each rap to help speed things up. The scale of the canyon is awe inspiring, and the scenery/landscape is almost spiritual in it's beauty. Must do again! Team consisted of Matt W, Jared W, Jared S, Jeff B, Bryce B, and myself.

Was told water was 2-3ft low. Experienced several complex pothole problems, 6-8 requiring partner assists. Left grotto parking lot at 4:41, got back at 11:42pm, after a minor debacle on last 2 raps. Also allowed team of 2 behind us to use my rope to rap, added 1.5 hours minimum.

Didn't go. 300, 200, 120, 66, 55

Started at 3:30 am, Reached the western top of the plateau at 7:00 am. 10:20 am we were at the first Narrows section and suited up. Water very cold, pushing ice and walking on snow in the second narrows. Third set of Narrow very long. Many, many log obstacles. Wore a dry suit, which leaked at the neck gasket. Reached the final-up climb for the last 500 foot rappel at 7:15 pm where we switched back out of water clothing into dry apparel. Final rope pull at 11:20 pm. Approximately 20 hours car to car. By the time we finished I was exhausted.

Completed with Nate Gregory, Abe Kim, Chris Brandenburg, Phil Bond, and Trent Allen

3 people, 3 am start at lava point, 6 pm finish including some long breaks before the first narrows, and before the final raps. Water seemed to be near full, 80-90%? i climbed out of all potholes and logjams, but some needed help. Birds perch can NOT comfortably fit 3, it can awkwardly fit 2. Over all fantastic canyon. if you have significant pothole experience, and are comftrable with big wall rappels do heaps 100%!!

Completed with Nate Gregory, Devin Stratton, Paul Bond, and Garrett.



Love heaps, quite a bit of fun and a great challenge.


with Tom, Giles & Julie