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Upper Black Dragon Wash - Central Swell

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We swam some potholes, and rappelled a little, but eventually hit a big rappel we didn’t find a good anchor for so we just hiked out of the canyon (seemed like you could walk out of the canyon in a lot of places). So I guess we didn’t really do the canyon…


Ryan Wilcock, Zack Alger

A heavily traveled roadside attraction in which all obstacles are easily avoided. Would be perfect with fresh water and the want to take a dip in between traveling along the highway. Otherwise avoid if looking for an objective canyoneering day.


Did this with almost no water in the pools. Made for an OK time. I would like to head back and try this again with water in it. Still fun to do with Steve after we floated the green. Finding the last rap was the most fun part.

Jumped into one hole. Approach funky being close to I-70 and fence. Came across bighorn sheep.

We decided to do this canyon on a morning when we had about 3 hours. It usually takes us double the recommended time. So this should have been 2-4 hours. After about 3 hr 15 minutes, and after rappel 3 (we think), we decided to climb out to the car to save time. We did Baptist draw yesterday, which sometimes is 3B, but was bone dry. This canyon definitely was NOT dry. We went through some potholes, and skirted around some of the others. We set up the rope for rappels about 3 times. One of them was set up as a rock/deadman rappel. Overall a really fun canyon for a half day. Especially because you can bail any time. Not sure why this canyon is on the website but not on the app. We did this with 4 kids range age 6-18. Would only recommend for families with canyoneering experience only, and also only on hot days. The water was cold!!

Beautiful rock and fun little jaunt. Drove into the swell early afternoon and enjoyed this canyon before setting up camp. Entered too early and missed some of the best section of the canyon. Water level was really low (mostly dry). Wore a wetsuit. Set up my first anchor ever without help (wrap 1) around a small arch in the rock, lookers right of the fall; final rappel. Looks like the previous anchor was around a juniper tree. Tree was pulling away and previous canyoneerers removed the webbing from this spot. Time: 1.5 hours. Team: Dylan, Dave, Blake, Kyle.

This was nature's water park. Very fun and chill canyon with a lot of spots to stop and swim/do backflips in the water and such.