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Micro Death Hollow - Escalante

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Did Micro Death all the way to the river at Pothole Fest 2023




Alex and Kara

Good half-day canyon. Was quite dry for us though--would have been more interesting with pools. The narrows were cool, but if you need to go high, it takes some effort. One in our party needed to go high for the first half of the narrows, but was able to drop down and squeeze through the 2nd half (by exhaling). Kind of interesting 4th class crack exit.


Camping is great right next to the approach. Standard long rappel is off a tree near the edge and chose to avoid. The pothole descent was occupied by a guided party and seemed involved. We chose a fix a rappel using weird small bushes backed up by large rock and lower into the canyon. Short but sweet with a 3rd class exit requiring some navigation skills.

Jacq and I did this late afternoon after work. Completely Dry. Rappelled the first option as described in this beta. Rappel drops you into a keeper pothole. The two of us took about 25 minutes to get out of the pothole - used 2 pot shots and a bag tossed on top of the pot shots to hold them down. Jacq had to stand on my shoulders with boosts from my hands to get out. Second pothole was easy to escape, solo if needed but we used a partner boost. Chose the standard exit as we were running out of daylight, would love to go back and do the other exit.



Fantastic opening mega rap and narrow section. Beautiful scramble out. Depending on the day and start time you may be waiting in line for the big entry rap.

Was dry but knee deep at first rap And a swimmer for full exit. Fun canyon. Tight in some spots. Big walls around.

Scott and I dropped in at The Big 300 ft rap. The canyon was really short. The exit was a little tricky route finding. The possible kph was full of sand and no water in the canyon so we didn't put on our wet suits

Great canyon! Access road for high clearance vehicle only after abt 1/2 mile. Best way to reach first rappel is to follow obvious drainage until you reach a 15 ft drop, then look to left for social trail which bends back around to the canyon.

Super fun, especially when Ryan shivered in the pothole while I flayed my way out with his boost.

approx. date. lead by John from Boulder. I went 1st on the big rap, set the anchor non retreivable

Wow. One of the most spectacular rappels I've done. From the dead log, my 65 meter rope made it down with feet to spare. Beautiful carved vertical chute all the way down to a ledge above an ice cold pool about 35 feet across. Keeper pothole was full, swam right over. Lots of pools and wading, and some beautiful twisted high stemming over the initial narrows. saw my first canyon frog in a pool further down canyon. bit of a heinous route find on the exit. lots of backtracking, sketchy climbing up slab, bonus rappels, etc.