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Did my eighth canyon in 4 days. Did branch closest to the trailhead, with a 130' drop in. Shortly down canyon had an 80' drop, but we couldn't see the bottom, so we rigged the 66' to the edge, tied it to the 100', and fiddled. Cool tunnel/cave right after. Water level were about 3 to 4 feet below where they were our first time. The water was cold but wetsuits weren't needed. Only had two very short swims. Not stink or pine needles. Rope wise, only need 66' & 100' and fiddle. Exit now has establish trail and cairns. Love Didn't have a shuttle so the walk back was extra hot and exhausting. ... And my god, the gnats. Luckily not in the canyon, but at camp ... Brutal.

Normal West Fork

west fork w capstone

Such a fun canyon! Great swimming sections!

Did full West Fork. Created an anchor with Jamin's help off a small tree; wrap two, pull one. Rap was overhanging and fun. Enjoyed the canyon. Team: Dylan, Todd, Megan, Jamin, Kyle.

west fork, long slot filled with thick debris. 4 raps. 11hrs.

We did full west Cheesebox Definitely will need clearance and almost certainly AWD (we had a late-model CRV) to get through the first portion of the road. We hit a section we didn't care to attempt halfway between trailheads so we just parked there, but you could probably attempt it with velocity and courage. This was a good canyon. It was a slow burn and somewhat mundane until you get into the depths of the canyon. They were a lot of caves and pseudo-caves, and several cool pits to drop into as part of raps or downclimbing. If you do this canyon with 0 raps you might actually be insane. The swims were long and exciting, two of which we found to be mandatory (although mayyyybe you could stem over them if you are incredible). The slots were pleasantly slotty but not too tight. No need for wetsuits on a hot day as you can catch sun after them to dry off and/or warm up. The water wasn't even too horrifically dirty. Even with a late start we finished (with no car shuttle) in about 6.5 hours. It was almost strange finishing a deproach in the daylight... The deproach has some of the best crypto I've ever seen. It's amazing. Follow the abundant cairns to stay on the elephant track and avoid hurting additional crypto. Overall a fun canyon worth visiting with two long mandatory swims. This would be a great intro canyon for swims as the downclimbs and raps weren't terribly difficult or exposed.



Some pretty slots, easy down climbs, and small rappels. Easy canyon worth doing once, probably never again if you like more technically challenging canyons.

Were hoping to do Cheesebix but reading reports on the road conditions didn't make me think it likely. Drove out and parked at top of Soldiers Crossing then walked down before committing the car. Sadly the crossing of White Canyon was a no go for us. Don't think our Subaru AWD at home (rather than our hire car!) would have made it either. Had to settle on Fry instead. Next trip!

Erek Burek, Scott Bordon, Brian Reischl, Tammie Berrie, Lilia Gilbo

West Fork Only

A+ Canyon. Did this in 75 degree weather with wetsuits (essential for me since I get cold easily).