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Not Tierdrop Canyon - Arches National Park

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Scramble up to the first ledge was very easy. I appreciated a handline at the top but two people at my level could easily spot / assist each other Went to the left and rapped off a fixed point, used 2 200’ with a Biner block and a normal pull. Rope grooves but oh well Tree for a second anchor but so far back, felt like the pull would get caught in the garden. And that’s be a two stage rappel. We went to the right, could’ve built a cairn or used an existing big rock but further up to the right is a bolted anchor! Use that, easy and great overhang rappel . We did CEM, a single 200’ was enough for the entire setup. Nice to have kept the second 200’ at the top to confirm it’d all be long enough. Walked to the left looking for the juniper tree, found a bolt with a single big ring closer to the edge. Just rapped down to the first level, 30’ ish. Did a Biner block, walk off down to the left and then easy walk out to the trail

2 hours car to car. There seem to be brand new bolts at every rappel. The second rap has several options - we chose the bolt on the right side as you're heading down and ended up with a cool overhanging rappel. Three raps in total but we probably could have bypassed the last one. W/ Max

Done early morning, with an eye to doing more canyons the same day. Started at 8:15 am and finished about 10:30 am. Went with Mac and Erin. Used a new 300' rope and got a sneak rappel in at the finish. Fun fast canyon - but my favorite is still U-Turn


I had a lot of fun on this one. I am still new to canyoneering so it probably doesn't take much. The hike in was steep but very doable. Prepare to scramble. Once you get to the top of a scramble, I guess you have options for 3 canyons. Tierdrop, Not Tierdrop, and one called U-Turn. -first repel required a small upclimb (like a v1-v2 bouldering problem) and you have to attach to a long bit of webbing. - second repel requires more than 150ft of rope. We had that much in the block, and needed to add a 90ft rope to get the rope to the ground. - third repel is optional. Either down climb OR keep to the left and down climb into the ending of Tierdrop. But if not, it's a small one. Exposed = Very Yes.




First canyon


Fun beginner outing.